Pro Wrestling Perspectives: Looking at the Differing Opinions of John Cena

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Pro Wrestling Perspectives: Looking at the Differing Opinions of John Cena

John Cena, a name that stirs controversy whenever it is mentioned, could possibly be the most controversial superstar in WWE history.

Whenever his name is mentioned, the haters and the fans alike voice their thoughts on the topic.

In fact, the controversy rubs off onto anything that mentions the superstar's name.

I speak from experience because, a while ago, I wrote on what I thought was the reason for the hatred of the man. I labeled it "The Superman Stereotype" due to the many labels from the haters, acknowledging him as a superhuman of sorts.

To some, the feedback was positive. To others, it was negative.

My thoughts were so controversial, due to them being about John Cena, that they were even considered to some as a biased viewpoint that belittled any insightful comments.

This apparent "biased" viewpoint caused my article to receive many comments. Some positive, others negative. But all in all, I took out the most important thing from my readers. Opinions.

Opinions on the differing viewpoints about the man known only as John Cena.

So much differing opinions in fact, that I failed to respond to them. And for that, I apologize.

So I'm doing the next best thing. I'm going to see both of the viewpoints for John Cena in an unbiased manner.

"The Superman Stereotype" has become "Pro Wrestling Perspectives", where opinions matter.

So once you're done reading this, feel free to comment. I'll make sure to actually respond this time around.

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