The Superman Stereotype: Is It the Downfall of a Wrestler's Fanbase? (John Cena)

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIOctober 7, 2011

The Superman Stereotype

What is it?

You may know it as a push, one where the star that's being pushed constantly wins and is usually on the television as the standout of everyone involved.

Case in point, a man known as John CenaOr SuperCena if you want to call him that, which some smarks apparently have.

The Champ Is Here

John Cena debuted like any other wrestler, answering a promo in which Kurt Angle had stated a challenge. Appearing with a generic look, John Cena was looked upon as another "jobber".

But something happened, he took Kurt Angle to the limit.

A nobody had competed with an Olympic gold medalist.

It was impossible, only a "superhuman" would be able to do that!

Ironic, huh?

But in the end, the result was a loss for this debuting rookie.

However, a strong showing had helped show the WWE universe that this wrestler had the potential to be a big star.

He could've become a top draw.

Don't believe me? Listen to the reaction he received.

Everybody loved Cena.

But, his generic gimmick was limiting him and holding him down.

This "star" was possibly going to be a wrestler with wasted potential.

But then, Halloween came.

Guess what John Cena dressed up as?

Little did we know, this would lead to the birth of the Doctor of Thuganomics.

As the Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena rapped and dissed his opponents whenever he could, or anyone else for that matter. Fans loved it. Viewers of all ages anticipated his next spit.

Everybody loved Cena.

He was destined for championship glory, and WrestleMania 21 seemed to be his time.

It indeed was, as he defeated JBL to become the WWE champion.

The Chain Gang came alive and the Champ had arrived.

People loved the champ, but then something happened.

He defended the title successfully, again and again and..........again.

Then it happened, when John Cena appeared, boos started to be heard.


Was it because he was growing stale? Was it because he was no longer the same wrestler and entertainer that the people loved in the beginning? Was it because he was winning all the time? Or was it because people realized that it was okay and "fun" to boo the top face of the company (i.e. ECW One Night Stand)?

Whatever the case was, there was no doubt that the top face of the company was getting booed as much as if he were a heel.

What was the popular excuse?

"He wins all the time."

SuperCena has no kryptonite.

So was the real reason of the hatred that Cena hadn't returned to his roots? Was it hate for his victories? Or just plain jealousy?

Either way, right now, the adults and most males despise Cena, while the women and children love him. The reason for the men's hate, "He's a product of the system."

Now tell me, didn't you love him before? Now you hate him?

What did he ever do to you?

He started winning.......a lot? That's why you hate him? Or is their an even bigger reason involved?

Do you hate him just because he takes the spotlight? Because he is a proven commodity who the company knows that he won't fail them? Because he works his ass off for the business?

Or is it because the company replaced your membership in the Chain Gang with kids who are now a part of the Cenation?

You want the character that you grew up with to come back? You want your memories to be a reality? Why? They wouldn't be memories anymore if they appear live in front of you, will they?

So why complain?

"But I don't like SuperCena! He's invincible!"

Please, choose your words carefully.

Tell me, was John Cena invincible every single week against the Nexus? Did he beat them up in their debut? No.

Now recently, did he "save" the company by preventing CM Punk from leaving Money in the Bank and the WWE with the WWE Championship? Nope.

John Cena is not invincible. I repeat, John Cena is not invincible. He's no Superman. He has his kryptonite, it's just harder to find it.

"But I want the Old Cena back!" And? What's your point?

I want every single one of my childhood memories back because I want to relive them again but that won't happen. Why? Because live moves on. We evolve.

That's what John Cena did. He evolved.

If he was still the Doctor of Thuganomics, would he be able to survive this long in the main event picture? I doubt it.

He grew up, somewhat, as he went from a gimmick to a gimmick. The difference being, though, he represents the company's fanbase, not the IWC fanbase.

There's a difference.

WWE chooses kids over smarks.

Deal with it.

SuperCena may have lost a fan, or fans, in the adults—but tell me, didn't he also gain more popularity worldwide as the goody-goody face?

Didn't he become an international icon after evolving from the rapper persona?

Wish what you want but John Cena is staying the way he is.

He is proven, why take the risk of change?

If you're not a fan of his, then I guess he's right.

You Can't See Him.


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