Jon Gruden to Coach The Eagles?

Cody SwartzSenior Writer INovember 11, 2008


Look, we've had ten years of the Andy Reid era; it's been great.


We made the playoffs six times, the conference championship game four times, and one Super Bowl. But we haven't won a title yet. And it doesn't look like we're going to with Andy Reid as our coach. So it's time to make some changes.


How about Jon Gruden?


Gruden is feisty, emotional, aggressive—the complete opposite of a boring, reserved Andy Reid. Gruden would be a perfect fit for Philly. We loved him as our offensive coordinator from '95-'97. And he loved us: the rough fans, the dirty Veteran's Stadium, and the passion in Philadelphia.


And best of all, Gruden's a winner. He's proven himself in two different cities, taking Oakland to the playoffs before winning a Super Bowl with the Bucs in his first year.


Something Reid has never been able to do for us.


Gruden won with limited players. In '02, he won with Brad Johnson as his quarterback. In '05, he won with Brian Griese and Chris Simms. And he's won the past two years with the ageless Jeff Garcia. He's always had a strong defense, led by perennial Pro Bowlers Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks.


He's won with charisma, character, and attitude. He takes chances—like the two-point conversion attempt that led to a 36-35 win over the Redskins in '05. And the media here would love him.


We should have him already. The Eagles should have given him the head coaching position after the '97 season. But instead Lurie waited an extra season to fire Ray Rhodes, and the job went to Andy Reid instead.


I know Gruden is inked in Tampa through 2011, but things happen. Gruden was traded once before. Anything can happen.


It's unlikely, I know. I'll admit that. But I can hope, can't I?


We've had Reid for long enough. I like him and he wins football games. But I can't see us winning a Super Bowl with him. And we as Philly fans are desperate for that Lombardi trophy.


So I think it's time for Reid to go.


Who better to take his place than Gruden?