IMPACT Wrestling: Why Amazing Red's Release Is Not as Bad as It Seems

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2011

Amazing Red, former three-time X Division Champion, asked for his release from IMPACT Wrestling earlier this week after hearing the creative team utter the usual phrase—"we have nothing for you."

The release of this former champion sent shock-waves through IMPACT and the Internet Wrestling Community.

A lot of angry fans took to the Internet to display their dissatisfaction on the matter, myself included.

There's no doubt about it, Amazing Red is—was—one of the greatest X Division talents to ever grace the squared circle and appear on our television screens.

He is a big loss for the already weakened X Division.

Amazing Red was one of the fastest, most agile guys the division has ever seen.

You may be thinking, "first Jay Lethal, then Generation Me and now Amazing Red? WTF?!"

So why is his release not as bad as it seems? 

This Thursday marks a new dawning for the X Division. IMPACT is moving on from their past stars—Lethal, Red, Max Buck and Jeremy Buck—and so should us fans.

Mike Tenay announced last week that there is a good amount of X Division talent ready to make their IMPACT debut next week.

Some of this X Division talent may include Kid Kash, Zema Ion and possibly Jack Evans, to name a few.

Jay Lethal was just learning his way around the mic when he was cut. Generation Me were solely in-ring guys and neither Buck brother could work a mic well.

Amazing Red was also all in-ring skills, with no mic skills. He was a dog with a bite, but no bark.

Mic skills are a must have for success in today's wrestling industry. They help tell a better story and get the fans more involved.

IMPACT Wrestling has decided to part ways with Jay Lethal, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck and Amazing Red in hopes of "upgrading" their X Division.

Those guys may be gone, but Double A—Austin Aries—is in.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see who will make their IMPACT debut this Thursday. Then we will see if cutting the X Division talent previously mentioned was truly worth it.


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