Albert Haynesworth Fitting in with New England Patriots at NFL Preseason

Dylan LajoieContributor IIAugust 2, 2011

Albert Haynesworth's attitude towards the game of football must change as a member of the New England Patriots
Albert Haynesworth's attitude towards the game of football must change as a member of the New England PatriotsChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Albert Haynesworth hasn't exactly been a goody-two-shoes since his arrival in the NFL

A long rap sheet for the defensive lineman ranging from stomping on the head of an opposing lineman to being a continuous distraction in the locker room, Haynesworth even failed his physical conditioning test at the beginning of the last NFL season while he was a member of the Washington Redskins.

Dealing with a rap sheet, though, is nothing new for head coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, a team that sometimes seems to be a rehab program in disguise.

The Patriots have brought in known troublemakers in the past and successfully reformed them into the team first attitude the Patriots' playing style is centered around. Names like Randy Moss and Corey Dillon come to mind.  

Belichick commented on Haynesworth's presence Tuesday at his press conference, saying, "Albert's worked hard. It's coming, we still have a long way to go, so we'll take it day by day. I think he's doing fine."

This is good news considering at this point last season he had already failed his conditioning test and had been sent home by coach Mike Shanahan.

The relationship between player and coach never got better. Shanahan and Haynesworth continually clashed until Haynesworth was suspended for the remainder of the season. This was after just eight games in which he recorded a career-low 13 tackles and 3.5 sacks.

Belichick seems to have gotten off on the right foot with Haynesworth though, a positive beginning in what the Patriots surely hope to be a long and productive relationship.

"Any time you bring a person into the organization you have to feel comfortable doing that and that encompasses a lot of different things," Belichick said at the press conference, "if you decide to bring the player on to the team you do that with the expectation that it will work out."