Why DeAngelo Hall Needs the New England Patriots

Ryan BurnsAnalyst INovember 6, 2008

I'll admit when I'm wrong.

Sometimes begrudgingly, I'll admit when I was wrong in judging a player's skill, mentality, or effort. 

I have been a critic of DeAngelo Hall since he was an Atlanta Falcon, as he was too much of a diva, favored pushing people out of bounds rather than making an open-field tackle, and caused ruckus in the clubhouse. So much so that they got rid of him for a second and fifth-round pick from the Raiders.

Evidently, the Raiders saw the same problems and decided to release the athletic DB, making him a free agent and a target for teams in need. Surely, some contender will scoop him up to shore up their secondary. Which begs the question...

Why not the Patriots?

The Pats' defensive backfield is pretty much the only glaring weakness on this year's team, losing players to free agency and injury since the beginning of the offseason. Other teams have exposed the Pats' DBs for big plays all season, and this will certainly not bode well come playoff time.

So why not sign the guy?

It's not like the Patriots haven't been here before, signing former "problem players" like Corey Dillon and Randy Moss and getting them to perform in a team-first manner. Surely Hall would clean up his act if it meant playing for a winning team, and a coach and organization who actually knew what they were doing.

Signing Hall would help out both parties immensely. It would give the Patriots another playmaker on defense and a borderline shutdown corner on one side of the field. It would help Hall get his next contract by playing well for a great team.

Imagine if he was signed and picked off a few passes in the playoffs, or made a big play to secure a win. Surely, he would shed the lazy image that he currently has.

The Patriots have nothing to lose by offering Hall a spot on the team for the rest of the year, and I fully expect them to make an offer to him and land him before next weeks game. 

I'm not a DeAngelo Hall fan, mostly because of his mindset and style of play, but you know that both will change for the better once Bill Belichick and the Patriots' machine gets behind him.

Then I'll admit I'm wrong.