TNA's Christopher Daniels: The Fallen Angel of Reliable Talent

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2011

Underrated, a term used to often describe talented people who are often overlooked due to other stars taking more of the spotlight.

These stars are great at what they do but are often given less love than they deserve just because they have to be alongside an even bigger star.

In any wrestling company, this is sadly a consistent occurrence.

I may write an article on the most underrated stars later, but for now, I would like to focus on only one star who is possibly the most underrated talent in the mainstream company of Impact Wrestling.

His name is Christopher Daniels, "The Fallen Angel."

Ever since I can remember, from the beginning of the X-Division to now, Daniels has been tied to AJ Styles as "friends." (Look at their Wikipedia page for proof.)

At first they started out with the same credibility and relevance but eventually, along the path of their careers, Daniels started becoming misused and eventually was fired, while AJ Styles kept getting pushed to the moon.

Styles was pushed so far up the ladder that he was given the TNA Heavyweight Championship and was deemed the "Face of TNA," while Daniels was nowhere to be found because he was often being used as the masked wrestler Suicide.

Daniels eventually started being used a bit more and received a shot in the match that we all know as Styles/Joe/Daniels IV, where Daniels was so close to finally winning the belt, but AJ somehow managed to retain it with a bit of luck.

Jealousy enraged Daniels, and he found his way to another title shot at Final Resolution 2009.

As the match (Part 1 and Part 2) went on, the possibility of Daniels becoming champion did not seem so silly after all, as he dominated AJ for most of the match. But in the end, Styles found a way to win.

Eventually, Daniels started losing his push, inciting him leave as the Hogan/Bischoff era began.

Daniels had quit TNA but eventually returned as a member of Fortune when his best friend was hurt by Immortal, specifically Bully Ray.

He came as a part of Fortune, and, as of now, is still being underused. But that all can change as he will face-off with his best friend in AJ Styles tomorrow night at Destination X.

Will Daniels win? It seems unlikely. After all, he was the one to get pinned in the last Impact Wrestling's Four Corners match.

But if Daniels wins, he will defeat AJ Styles, who is not only the Face of TNA, but the face of the X-Division as well.

A victory could help Daniels slowly burn the term of underrated next to his name, but knowing how AJ Styles is the face of the X-Division, it's unlikely to happen.

Daniels will go on to be underrated and still be overlooked in the main event, especially over former WWE stars such as Mr. Anderson.

But the reason that Daniels is underrated is much deeper than him only being misused.

Daniels is underrated on the mic. He's underrated in the ring as well.

"Wait, what?!?" "Underrated in the ring!?!"

Believe it or not, he is. 

How many matches of 5-star caliber have you seen Daniels in? Tons.

Tons and tons of 5-star matches, but were the majority of them in the main event?

Exactly. Only a few of them were the main match of the show.

The rest were in the midcard or undercard.

On the mic, Daniels is definitely underrated.

He can cut good promos, especially as a heel, which was proven with his whole rivalry against AJ in 2009.

He even showed it when he announced Styles/Daniels for Destination X by making us believe that there was going to be a Styles/Joe/Daniels V, only to swerve us into Styles/Daniels. He made us believe his words, which is supposed to be the sign of a good crowd worker on the mic.

Yet, no one gives him credit for that.

His mic work is severely underrated because if it wasn't, then why is he able to make compelling feuds with not only his ring work, but his mic work as well?

Even his passion is underrated. 

Now, how can you underrate passion? How is it possible?

Well, "The Fallen Angel" makes it possible.


His passion for the business shows it. He is willing to put his body on the line every time, just to entertain the fans. 

He is willing to work through many injuries because he believes that he can make it.

He wants to entertain by wrestling and putting on a show for the viewers to not feel disappointed.

His passion even made Suicide relevant (even if it wasn't him all the time).

His passion helped him make it as a star but not as the star.

He has yet to receive a run with the TNA championship and it is not because of his lack of passion, because he already has enough of that along with his great in-ring skills and mic skills, but because he is underrated.

The Impact Wrestling staff underrates him by not giving him at least one run with the belt.

He has already proven that he has what it takes to carry it well but without the support of TNA's creative staff, he may not get to truly show it.

Christopher Daniels needs the belt more than anyone else because without it, he'll never be able to remove the underrated label from his name.

Without the belt, "The Fallen Angel" is underrated and truly fallen.


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