Wrestling CvC 2.0: Why the "Ultimate-X" Match Is the Best TNA Creation to Date

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 27, 2011

Black Division

Iam D Real Deal Yo vs. Nate Scaccia

Best TNA Match Type of All Time 

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is a professional wrestling business that has been running for the past nine years. Since its formation, the company has seen the debut and growth of many athletes, personalities and wrestling concepts.

The unique six-sided ring was an entirely new and intriguing concept by itself, but in my honest opinion it is out-shined by another creation: the "Ultimate-X" match.

Yes, the Ultimate-X match is, in my opinion, the best type of TNA match; in this series I will compete and debate that point with Nate Scaccia (see his article here) while representing the Black Division.

Many of you who currently or in the past have followed TNA religiously would have loved this type of match. To put it simply, the concept is totally awesome (seeing as this is a CvC contest more than anything else).

I have the usual IWC-member tendencies, wherein I feel the need to dissect things from every angle. A few questions always come to my mind, like, "Why the Ultimate-X match? What makes it so great? How can you call it the best type of TNA match?" The reasons are plenty, and I am here to tell you so.



First of all, what is an "Ultimate-X" match? For those of you who don't know, it is a match which involves two ropes hung from four steel girders which run in such a way that they form an X at the point of intersection of the two ropes. This is the point at which the title is hung. In order to win the match, the wrestler has to reach it, unhook the belt and return to the floor.

Here are the reasons that the Ultimate-X match is, indeed, the best type of TNA match of all time.


Code 1: It Is a Natural TNA Creation

Honestly speaking, there are many matches which tend to bring out the best in wrestlers and send the crowd home satisfied. But I've realized that the gimmick-based matches we see on TNA are all more or less the same as those we've witnessed in the WWE. The rules and the names have been altered slightly, but the concept is the same.

The Ultimate-X match, on the other hand, is entirely different. Seeing as we are strictly talking about the best type of TNA match (a.k.a. best type of match), which can be synonymous with TNA Wrestling, this match takes the cake.

Nothing beats a (TNA) Capture like this
Nothing beats a (TNA) Capture like this


My only argument with this code is that non-TNA novelties would not fit well with the TNA audience. Speaking about TNA from the fans' perspectives (and not from the perspectives of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who try to compete with the WWE at all levels), we need to realize that we do in fact view the two companies differently.


One is a billion-dollar enterprise and the other is an alternative (TNA) to it which survives on the hardcore fans who have fallen in love with it.

The Ultimate-X match carries with it all the nostalgia associated with the Golden Days of TNA and has been the home turf to some of the greatest TNA matches of all time

This fact alone makes it a great contender to be the best type of TNA match.


Code 2: The Scope Is Endless

Another prominent feature of this type of match is that it not only gives the wrestler a huge scope for entertaining the fans and telling a story, but it lacks restrictions. For instance, fans love a steel cage match, but the fight is usually restricted to the cage alone.

On the other hand, in an Ultimate-X match, there are no boundaries; you can fight inside the ring, outside the ring, and even through the crowd—basically anywhere you want to.



Weapons? You got it.


Not only does this match provide for some great high flying action, but wrestlers can use weapons to hit each other as well. We all love matches with these hardcore roles. In a way, this encompasses many high-risk maneuvers as well, which we also love to see.


Need to fly higher? Go ahead.

The high-fliers in pro wrestling are always good for entertaining the crowd whilst both taking and giving offense. The ropes hung above the ring act as the biggest sources of inspiration for wrestlers to execute many maneuvers beautifully.

Many of the stunts, which can be described as sick and entertaining at the same time, can be performed via these ropes as well. So in a way, there is substantial inspiration to do something big and make an "impact" in a true sense.



Weight limit? I don't think so.

Another good thing about this match is that there is no weight limit for its wrestlers, which is good because some non-cruiser weights, and some people who are just a tad heavier than cruiser weights, do have the ability to perform exciting moves in these matches. The lack of any weight limit broadens the scope of talent that can be involved this match, which is another positive. 



Code 3: True Spirit of Wrestling 

Before I begin speaking towards this point, I would just like to say that this is not the only such match which seems to encompass the true spirit of wrestling. Many other matches, such as classic cage matches, Royal Rumble matches, and Ladder matches also have that nostalgic tinge to them, as they were made famous during the good old golden days of wrestling.

The Ultimate-X match, for me at least, is a such creation which reminds of those days. 

And by the spirit of wrestling, I mean, "The display of supreme in-ring talent and abilities, consisting of high-risk maneuvers, crazy spots, twists and turns—basically telling a story in a match, whilst both taking offence, giving offence and still managing to be entertaining"


These Ultimate-X matches provide a large scope, which enables the wrestlers to do many things. As explained above, these matches pretty much ensure that the wrestlers will give fans a dose of good wrestling.

Truth be told, when the spotlight is on you and people are watching and waiting to be entertained by you as a wrestler, you are bound to go out there and give it your best.

To put it in simply, once again: the Ultimate-X match brings out the BEST in Wrestlers, and as fans of pro wrestling, there is nothing more we could dream of.



These three reasons pretty much sum up why the Ultimate-X match is the best type of TNA match to date. I hope you were convinced, but if you need some more convincing, I present to you a super code: history supports my claims.

My argument rests on the notion that the best TNA matches we have seen to date have included Ultimate-X matches. The matches between the Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money Inc. was a great match, and so was the match between Styles, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams.

But the match which takes the cake as the Greatest TNA match ever (i.e. the triple threat match between Chris Daniels, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe) was ALSO an Ultimate-X match.

Thus, in my opinion, the Ultimate-X match is in fact the best type of TNA match to date.

I hope you were convinced; don't forget to vote for me if you were. Thank you for being my audience.