Wrestling CvC 2.0: The Best TNA Match Type of All Time Flies High

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 27, 2011

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Best TNA Match Type of All Time

TNA (Impact) Wrestling is no stranger to controversy and is frequently looked down upon as a company. Usually, people look at TNA as a company that cannot compare or even come close to WWE.

What those people fail to see is innovation. TNA has some of the most unique and creative match types of all time.

TNA has match types for all fans. Match types and stipulations such as Feast or Fired and King of the Mountain. While these match types are certainly entertaining, no match can equal the excitement and drama of Ultimate X.


What Is Ultimate X? 

The Ultimate X match type is unlike anything ever seen in wrestling. Four 20-foot-high steel girders are placed at the corners of the ring. The girders are connected with steel cables that cross 15 feet above the ring and make the shape of an “X.”

In order to win the match, a competitor must climb up a girder and maneuver himself out across the cables to a suspended Championship Belt or a giant “X." Once the competitor reaches the object, they must unhook it and land on the ring mat. If the competitor should unhook the object but fail to return to the mat with it then the match is not over, and the object will be put back.

The Ultimate X match has been called “the signature match of the X Division” by Mike Tenay. The match usually features wrestlers from the X Division which only adds to the excitement.  

Imagine some of the wrestling business' greatest cruiserweights hanging and being suspended over the ring. This is the excitement that Ultimate X brings to the fans.

Weapons can be used in this match, as there are no disqualifications. Ladders, however, are prohibited in the assistance of removing the object. The competitor can use a ladder as a weapon, but he cannot use it to reach the object.

TNA has had many variations of the standard three-man Ultimate X match. TNA introduced the first Tag Team Ultimate X match at No Surrender in 2006. TNA has also had gauntlet style matches and eventually held the first ever two-man Ultimate X match in 2010. 

Most recently, on March 13, 2011, Kazarian defeated Jeremy Buck, Max Buck and Robbie E to retain the TNA X Division Championship. 


Why It Stands Out as the Best

Perhaps the biggest draw of Ultimate X is that it has something for every fan.

The match type features high-flyers doing their best moves, weapons being used, the thrill and excitement of the typical ladder match only multiplied to the extreme, and crazy spots that make the fans hold their breath only to let loose cheers and chants for their favorite wrestler.

Ultimate X is simply the best TNA match type of all time.

Since its inception in 2003, TNA has held 23 other Ultimate X matches. The matches continue to be some of the most exciting moments in TNA and wrestling history.

TNA has certainly shown that they can be a unique company. If they continue to create matches like Ultimate X, they will continue to grow and gain followers.


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