BCS Bowl Predictions: If the Season Ended After Week Nine

Dan BossAnalyst IOctober 29, 2008

The BCS rankings may have changed, but the bowl predictions have only slightly changed this week.  Texas remained number one by taking care of Oklahoma State.  Alabama won as well to stay at number two.  Penn State closed the gap by defeating Ohio State.

Many teams have shifted, but most of the bowl games remained the same with the exception of one team.  Florida State replaced Georgia Tech as the ACC Champions.

This article lists the BCS teams and bowl matchups if the season ended today.  It is based on the BCS rankings and the bowl selection process.  There are some slight changes from last week.


BCS Top 25

3.Penn State
7.Texas Tech
9.Oklahoma State
11.Boise State
12.Ohio State
15.Florida State
16.Ball State
20.Brigham Young
21.Michigan State
22.North Carolina
23.South Florida


BCS Bowl Picture

1.BCS National Championship selects No. 1 Texas and No. 2 Alabama.
2.Orange Bowl selects ACC conference champion Florida State as tie-in.
3.Rose Bowl selects Pac-10 conference champion USC as tie-in.
4.Rose Bowl selects Big Ten conference champion Penn State as tie-in.
5.Fiesta Bowl selects Oklahoma to keep Big 12 conference tie-in after losing conference champion Texas to the national championship game.
6.Sugar Bowl selects Georgia to keep SEC conference tie-in after losing conference champion Alabama to the national championship game.
7.Fiesta Bowl selects Ohio State with first pick in bowl rotation. Only other available teams are South Florida and Utah.
8.Sugar Bowl selects Big East conference champion South Florida with second pick in bowl rotation.  Only other available team left is Utah.
9.Orange Bowl selects auto-bid Utah with third and final pick in bowl rotation. Obligation to choose team because they were an auto-bid by being ranked ahead of a conference champion (Florida State and South Florida).


Bowl Matchups

BCS National Championship

Texas vs. Alabama


Fiesta Bowl

Oklahoma vs. Ohio State


Sugar Bowl

Georgia vs. South Florida


Orange Bowl

Florida State vs. Utah


Rose Bowl

USC vs. Penn State


BCS Teams by Conference

ACC: 1

Florida State (Conference Champion)


Big East: 1

South Florida (Conference Champion)


Big Ten: 2

Penn State (Conference Champion)

Ohio State (At-Large)


Big 12: 2

Texas (Conference Champion)

Oklahoma (At-Large)


Pac-10: 1

USC (Conference Champion)


SEC: 2

Alabama (Conference Champion)

Georgia (At-Large)


Non-BCS: 1

Utah (Auto-Bid)