Why This Giants Victory on Sunday Was The Most Important In a Long Time

Brian BrennanContributor IOctober 28, 2008

NOTE: I started writing this on Sunday


In my 17 years of Giants fandom I remember some great victories in the regular season. The Denver game in 1998 to end their perfect start was great but kind of meaningless as we missed the playoffs. Winning at Oakland, Washington, Buffalo respectively the last three years to clinch playoff spots. The Denver game in 2005 where Eli led them from behind to win with a Touchdown pass to Toomer with little time remaining. Even the important loss last season to the Patriots to give the team confidence going to the playoffs.

None were as important as what occured today.

So far in 2008 the Giants had been considered among the best teams in the league, but there had always been a BUT. Yes they beat Seattle, BUT...the Seahawks aren't too good. Yes they beat San Francisco, BUT...they didn't play great. Yes they're 5-1, BUT... outside of Washington who have they played, and they did lose to Cleveland?! Today Big Blue put that all to bed in my opinion. It is not easy to win in Pittsburgh. ESPN ranked them as the loudest and best fans in the league as the season began this year. While some considered this game to be a Super Bowl preview, very few gave the Giants a chance because, in their opinion, the Giants aren't that good. Today, the Giants conquered the elements and won in dramatic fashion on the road, playing great when it counted.

The first three quarters, as a Giants fan, were tough to watch. But when you're a good team the breaks go your way. Who would have guessed a long snapper would get hurt in a game and they would have to rely on a DEFENSIVE PLAYER TO SNAP THE BALL? Seriously, I could snap a ball better than that. Kevin Boss, I officially like you more than Jeremy Shockey. You think Shockey would ever make a clutch catch like that? Kevin Boss is now King Kevin.

So get ready Dallass (note intentional misspelling). The Giants will leave you even more hurt this week. I don't think he still plays for you, but if he does, you might want to get former backup Yankee 3B Drew Henson ready 'cause Brad Johnson will only last a quarter once Antonio, Mathias, and Justin get on the field. We're coming off our most important victory in a long time and while I hope this doesn't jinx us, Dallas, you don't have a prayer.