Lacking Heart, the Cleveland Browns Need a Fire

Robert JContributor IOctober 21, 2008

There have been a number of articles and discussions about the fact that Romeo Crennel needs to be sent out of his head-coaching position for the Cleveland Browns.

I am here to say that I could not agree more. After reading an excellent article discussing this same topic, "Romeo Crennel Cannot Be Defended", I felt that I needed to put in my two cents as well.

Romeo Crennel came into this season with high expectations. The Browns were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders and fight for the division crown. However, after the first seven weeks of football, we are basically out of it, due to poor play and worse coaching.

Now, I can cite all of the other reasons Crennel should go—like his undying desire to keep D.A. in the game, his poor game-management ability (see the last two minutes of any half), or his overall ineffectiveness at coaching a team of professionals. But I see one thing that above anything else is the reason our Browns are playing so poorly this season—heart.

There is no discipline, no fear, no drive, and no desire on the field. When I see 10 penalties against the New York Giants, I see an undisciplined team. When I see Braylon Edwards drop four balls a game and not get absolutely raped by the coaches, I see no fear in the players. When I see the Browns need eight plays to get into the end zone from one yard away, I see no drive and no desire.

Romeo Crennel doesn't get angry and doesn't light a fire under our team's ass. Look at some of the best coaches around the league and tell me how they deal with players performing far below their abilities.

Are you telling me that when Bill Cowher was coaching, he would have let Hines Ward drop four balls in one game and get away with it? No chance! He would have been on him like flies on shit, spitting every step of the way.

Did you see Mike Shanahan's reaction to Andre Hall fumbling twice in the first quarter on Monday night? I thought he was going to suck his soul right out of his body.

Even the level-headed Bill Belichick gets after his players and lets them know when they are screwing things up. His players fear failure.

The Browns seem to be happy with mediocrity because their coach is happy with mediocrity. The guys love him, but it's because he is too damn nice.

We need someone to light a fire and get our team motivated. I mean, look what happened when we actually got motivated—we beat up on the defending Super Bowl champions. We had fire and drive for this game because it was Monday Night Football, against the Giants, at home—it was the perfect storm. And what happened? Our true talent came out and we won.

If we could play every game like that and had a coach that made our team play like that week in and week out, we would be those Super Bowl contenders we were supposed to be at the beginning of the season.

So, I believe that a fire needs to be lit. Something needs to get these players excited to play, and Romeo just isn't getting the job done. But in order to do that, we need to start the fire by, well.. 'fire'-ing Romeo Crennel.