Romeo Crennel Cannot Be Defended

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

I wrote an article several weeks ago calling for the firing of Romeo Crennel. At the time I expected, and got, comments from Romeo backers who thought he deserved to stay on. I understood their views and why they held them.

Who can defend this man now?

He has a team of young talented players. Who can possibly say that a single player has improved under his guidance?

He had a high-powered offense last year that has disappeared. He possesses an All-Pro quarterback who cannot get the ball within three yards of an open receiver, a premier receiver who is no longer able to catch the balls that bounce harmlessly from his hands, and the second best kick returner in the league who has become mediocre.

You can mitigate Crennel's responsibility by citing injury, but the facts remain. You can argue that Romeo doesn't throw, catch, or block in a game. The fact is...his players don't either.

He continues to insist on keeping Derek Anderson as his starter despite his rating. There isn't a worse QB in the league. The first-round draft pick continues to carry the clipboard as the team spirals downward.

The results of his coaching are obvious. Anyone who thinks he should stay does so in spite of the facts, not because of them.