UFC 130 Results: Report Cards for All the Main Card Fighters

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IMay 29, 2011

UFC 130 Results: Report Cards for All the Main Card Fighters

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    UFC 130 is now officially in the MMA history books.

    There are going to be plenty of people out there that think this event wasn't the best they've ever seen. But despite that fact, there were a few fighters who put on impressive performances.

    Now it's time for Professor Schielke to take a look at the bodies of work put on display, and dish out the grades to fighters who added $55 to your cable or satellite bill Saturday night.

Jorge Santiago: D+

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    After seeing how well he did in Japan, many were expecting to see a better version of Santiago in the Octagon than we saw during his first stint.

    However, we did not.

    Instead of using his superior ground game, Santiago seemed content to stand and trade with Brian Stann, which isn't the smartest thing to do when you have a questionable chin. 

    When Santiago did try to take the fight to the mat, it was too little, too late. After having your clock cleaned by Stann in the first, he wasn't where he needed to be in the second round to make it happen.

Brian Stann: B+

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    Stann picked up right where he left off at the Chris Leben fight—knocking guys out.

    Santiago played the perfect opponent for Stann to display his striking prowess against. Santiago didn't attempt to utilize any of his ground skills, and he has a questioned chin.

    Stann would have received a much higher grade should he had been tested more than he was.

Thiago Alves: C

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    While Alves didn't look bad, he didn't look all that great either.

    To Alves' credit, he was able to defend all but two of Story's takedown attempts. And when Story got those takedowns, Alves was able to get up quickly.

    But he was unable to almost nothing from the clinch that Story had him in for a majority of the fight.

    When there was distance, Alves was able to use his superior muay thai to out-strike Story. The only problem was that distance was a rare commodity in this fight.

Rick Story: A-

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    This was, without any question, Story's career highlight performance.

    It may not have been pretty, but he executed a perfect game plan to beat Thiago Alves. He kept tight, didn't give Alves any distance to strike, and wore Alves out.

    But the biggest surprise of this fight should be the ease of which Story was able to control Alves.

    Story is a big welterweight; Alves is a huge welterweight. If Story could out-muscle Alves, the rest of the welterweight division better take notice.

Stefan Struve: D

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    Struve looked very sloppy in his bout against Travis Browne. His stand-up wasn't crisp, and his ground game looked like it had gone downhill since his last bout.

    But aside from that, Struve's ability to take a punch once again was questioned. And once again, Struve's chin failed that test.

    Struve has shined in the past against limited opposition. From the looks of things, it doesn't appear that he'll be able to shine against anything but that level of opposition.

Travis Browne: B-

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    As already mentioned, Browne's opponent, Stefan Struve, looked sloppy in this fight. Browne didn't exactly look all that great himself.

    Browne did show poise when he was able to get out of Struve's submission attempts. However, the way he was rushing in with reckless abandon is just asking for trouble down the road.

    But to his credit, he wasn't as sloppy as Struve when it came to the striking.

    Or maybe he was, and it was just fortunate that he was going for a superman punch at the same time Struve was throwing a knee. I guess we'll find out as he climbs the heavyweight ladder.

Roy Nelson: D-

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    Everyone knows that Roy loves to claim that fat doesn't require the oxygen that muscles do, but on Saturday night, that ginormous gut must have been one huge lump of muscle fiber.

    If the fact that he was picked apart on his feet by Frank Mir wasn't bad enough, he was also schooled on the ground, and completely out of gas by the third round.

    At first thought, Mir's statement that Nelson would make a good light heavyweight was laughable. But after seeing his most recent performances, one begins to wonder if liposuction is covered under the UFC's new insurance plan.

Frank Mir: B+

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    In all honestly, this is the best Frank Mir we have seen since he defeated the larger of the Nogueria brothers at UFC 92.

    But then again, he looked his best against a fat, tired guy with a steel chin.

    You really can't knock Mir for not being able to stop Roy Nelson. After all, only one person as ever been able to add that accomplishment to their resume.

    But what you can knock him for is letting a tired, beaten Nelson get back to his feet when Mir was having his way with him on the ground. Why he decided to do that is anyone's guess.

Matt Hamill: D+

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    Hamill had the right idea coming in to his fight against Rampage Jackson. He just couldn't execute his idea what-so-ever.

    He chopped away at Rampage's lead leg. But he just didn't chop at it enough.

    He tried to get the fight to the mat. But he just shot from too far away ... 16 times.

    He pressed the action and made Rampage move backwards. But he couldn't land any significant strikes.

    His intentions were in the right place, but he was never in the fight.

Rampage Jackson: C+

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    So there were talks that should Rampage win his fight against Matt Hamill, he would be next in line for a shot at reigning light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

    If Rampage does get a shot at Jones, he better up his game.

    Here is the most impressive stat of Rampage's performance—0-16.

    Hamill attempted to take Rampage down 16 times, and Rampage stuffed all 16 attempts. That is quite a feat against someone who is successful in over 70 percent of their takedowns.

    But what Rampage gets knocked for is his inability to finish Hamill. There were multiple times in the fight where Rampage, if he would have just put his foot on the gas, could that taken Hamill out. 

    Instead, he was content with sitting back, countering, and letting the 15 minutes pass as the crowd rained down boos on him.