WWE Panorama: A Look at 10 Dimensions of the Pro-Wrestler's Life

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WWE Panorama: A Look at 10 Dimensions of the Pro-Wrestler's Life

The Internet wrestling community has been buzzing for the last one week. The rumour of impending absence of Kharma has been the most wildly discussed topic during this period. People seem to be taking her rumoured pregnancy personally.

It is an incredulous incident, which is just in tune with the regular wailing of impatient IWC. This incident and its nature, coupled with few past experiences, have made me come up with this article.  

I totally believe that all of us love these wrestlers, if at all, sometimes a little too much. Almost all of us respect them for what they do. However, sometimes I feel that we forget the life they live to entertain us. Every time we criticise them for little reason, this aspect bounces back on my mind.

The lives of pro-wrestlers are no fairy tales. We all are aware of the various aspects of this life. I know; I will be discussing one well documented and well known topic. However, it is worth repeating since it is often forgotten.

Here, we will have a look at 10 aspects of the lives of pro-wrestlers. We will visit their houses. We will try to look into their minds and we will try to sneak into lives on the road as well.

Therefore, without any further delay, let the ride begin.

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