WWE at Glance: John Cena, CM Punk Show What Pro Wrestling Has Added to Our Lives

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIMay 24, 2011

I am going to reproduce few tweets from John Cena to begin with. It pretty much sums up few very essential aspects of being a pro-wrestling fan.

In response to a tweet from one of the fans, "@CMPunk pink trunks, yellow knee pads? How gay are you? I'm returning your action feagure to the store. I'll choose @JohnCena instead.” John Cena replied, “Please don't. It was a tribute to randy savage. It was f'n awsome. I was proud to be out there with him (CM Punk).” Then Cena retweeted another tweet, “@JohnCena Punk showed some real class out there tonight!!! Thanx for the tribute Punk!! 2 thumbs up!!!”

As I said, these tweets sum up few very essential aspects of being a pro-wrestling fan. These aspects are emotions, respect, memories and resonance with our lives.

Detractors of this business have often barked at us for various reasons. The common question is, what does this business give in return to our time? It is supposedly too shallow to offer anything substantial.

Critics have failed to see the light because they have never opened their eyes. It is amazing to be a fan of "true sports." But it is something else to be a fan of the art of pro wrestling.

Pro wrestling has been our expression. It gives a new dimension to our subliminal emotions. There are some really strange emotions in our heart. These emotions are shy like a scared child. They poke their head out, just like a little kid hidden behind its parents looks at the world. They need to be coaxed, they need to be fostered and they have to be lured to come fore. Pro wrestling does it for us.

For a person who has come from his office or school all frustrated, it is his agony that his favourite star vents out on the TV. Every celebration in the ring, every victory and each defeat in that square ring speak for these emotions. We hardly ever realize, but we are extremely sensitive to these events. Every character in pro wrestling satisfies our emotional needs.

Let us get less academic now, and for that, let us recall our journey as pro wrestling fans.

Most of us fell in love with this industry when we were kids. That remains one wonderful time of our lives. Many of us have worn those oversized t-shirts that covered our ankles too. Far from being uncomfortable, we flaunted them. It was the zest and zeal of being a fan of pro wrestling that made our childhood special.

It changed our attitude toward a lot of things in life. Subtly, we did listen to Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock or John Cena. We have imbibed their attitude for good or bad; I don’t know.  

Come to think of it, pro wrestling has given us a different mindset.

As a kid, we all had our own heroes. We did our best to imitate those heroes in real life. I am sure many of your tiny hands have attempted to perform a choke-slam or a submission; mine did. Remember, it is one of such pairs that belongs to Edge, Chris Jericho or Punk.

It just shows that pro wrestling has created our heroes from our own world. They were one of us, it was the passion and mindset enthused by pro wrestling that changed their world.

As a fan, we wondered with utmost appreciation at these fairy tales. We knew that there is a world where, although after a lot of pains, fairy tales do take place. We cheered all such examples. We  never held back when it came to respecting and admiring our heroes. We understood what passion is; we felt it ourselves.

I just sometimes wonder, would have we been able to appreciate and respect passion so freely if not for pro wrestling? My answer is NO.

Over the years, we have evolved and pro wrestling has evolved too. We witnessed this business coming of age. Superstars changed, their paradigm changed. Over the course of this journey, we have seen superstars making a lot of mistakes and lot of good things in real life. We may not realize, we have learned a lot too.

As outlandish as it may seem, pro wrestling has taught us something as well. My fellow writer, Iam D Real Deal Yo, wrote a whole article on this issue. You can read it here.

I will just request you to read those tweets again. There is one very wonderful part there. It is memories. For us, pro wrestling is so special because of all the memories that we have and we will have in future. It may be Randy Savage's wedding with Ms. Elizabeth, it may be the retirements of Shawn Michaels, Ric flair or Edge. These are our very dear memories.

Pro wrestling has given us such moments, when we realized that our heart is in the right place. We are human as we could be.

When we speak of these moments and memories, I have to bring up another point. In modern families, where relations and homes have become fragile, pro wrestling has played one truly special role. It gives a father chance to connect with his little boy or girl better. They spend some nice time together. They go to live shows. These are some truly beautiful moments for both. 

Pro wrestling, for all its evils, has brought few generations together. This contribution cannot be more remarkable.

I will not go on longer for the sake of making this list. Just to sum up once again, pro wrestling has added following hues to our lives. It has given us our heroes, our expression, new emotions, new attitude, some lessons and a whole lot of moments to cherish.

To put it one sentence, it has given us a whole different life—perhaps better, too.