WWE Over the Limit 2011: Primer for the Pay-Per-View in Seattle, Wash.

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2011

WWE Over the Limit emanates from Seattle, Wash., as WWE will air its second pay-per-view in the month of May. 

The theme of the last pay-per-view was "WrestleMania retreads;" however, new blood seems to be the name of the game in this particular pay-per-view as Mason Ryan and Sin Cara will both make their in-ring pay-per-view debuts. 

This will also mark the in ring debut of a heel R-Truth, who has not worked a match since turning heel weeks ago in the O2 Arena.  Truth has done a brilliant job garnering heat through strong promos and no music, so it will be interesting to see how he is booked on this card.   

Yes, this means Sin Cara will make his return to live, televised pro wrestling action meaning Chavo vs. Sin Cara should be put on botch alert.  It is worth mentioning, however, that the two have received rave reviews for their performances on the house show circuit.  

Themes to watch for

Randy Savage Tribute(s).  With Over the Limit coming on the heels of the tragic announcement of WWE Legend Randy Savage's death, look for a handful of tributes to be featured on this show both in and out of the ring. 

Hopefully, WWE acknowledges Savage's passing right off the bat, and I can easily see Cena shouting "OOH YEAH!" following his obligatory pre-match promo. 

Lack of Continuity.  While this won't be the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, that will air in two months, this card will be filled with green talent (rimshot!). 

As mentioned before, a host of new WWE Superstars will be making their pay-per-view debuts as WWE has once again decided to take their youth movement seriously albeit on a throwaway pay-per-view.  

Growing pains should be evident on this pay-per-view, however the important thing is that these young up and comers get the necessary experience to learn from any potential mistakes. 

Wrestling?  As of right now, WWE currently has eight matches booked for the Over the Limit card, which ties the most matches on a pay-per-view card all year. 

The stacked card means less backstage shenanigans, so I'm all for it.  Hopefully, creative doesn't shortchange too many of them to accommodate otherwise meaningless backstage fodder. 

Over the Limit Predictions

WWE Championship "I Quit" Match:  The Miz over John CenaSince it was announced that Cena and Miz would be competing in an I Quit match I was listening closely to Cena's promos (which is hard to do at times) to see if he'd ever scream the words "I Quit". 

It finally happened on the go-home RAW show, prompting me and (unfortunately) many others to believe that WWE will book this finish identically to the finish of the 1999 Royal Rumble that saw the babyface Mankind scream "I Quit" via recording. 

Miz has guaranteed that he will make John Cena quit by doing something nobody's done before, which would make sense by WWE's standards as they categorically and intentionally discard elements of their own history every 10 years. 

World Championship Match:  Randy Orton over Christian.  This match is aided by the controversy surrounding Christian's rather abrupt World Title reign.  The stage has been set for Christian to turn heel following this loss, but that has been prognosticated for months. 

"Kiss My Foot" Match for a Spot in the Hall of Fame:  Jerry Lawler over Michael Cole.  While this feud has indeed jumped the shark, there are still elements of entertainment left to capitalize on and none of them have to do with Cole parading around with Jerry Lawler's ring as he is gimmicked out by this point. 

This one could go either way, however I see Jerry Lawler putting an end to this feud (for now) barring the resurfacing of Jack Swagger, who turned babyface 20 minutes ago.  

Intercontinental Championship Match:  Ezekiel Jackson over Wade Barrett.  Randy Savage's untimely passing reminded me of what the Intercontinental Championship used to mean.  Once upon a time it was a considerable draw worthy of show-closing consideration. 

Nowadays, the title is only defended when the powers that be want to switch its owners.

Singles Match:  R-Truth over Rey Mysterio Jr.  The brilliance in this match is that it will be our first glance at Heel-Truth in action, meaning there is a heightened level of intrigue. 

Truth has been booked to cut promos, garnish heat, attack Superstars from behind and now he finally will compete in one on one competition where a big time babyface will have the chance to give him what for.  

That's solid booking in a nutshell.  This type of simplistic, yet effective, booking needs to be utilized up and down every pay-per-view card if WWE wants any chance of restoring life to their perennially slumping buyrates.   

It's too early in R-Truth's turn for him to get his comeuppance, so I say he wins or beats down Mysterio after should he suffer a loss. 

The Nexus (Mason Ryan and CM Punk) over The Big Show and KaneSee "Ezekiel Jackson over Wade Barrett."

Brie Bella over Kelly Kelly.  Maybe this is a way to switch the titles so that Kelly Kelly can be fed to Kharma.  Either way, I don't care who wins this match.  I, like everybody else, will be sitting on my hands until Kharma's inevitable appearance. 

Sin Cara over Chavo Guerrero.  This should be an standout match, as Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero have reportedly been tearing it up on the house shows.

While I'm not a fan of the dimly lit production during his matches, I am certainly becoming a fan of Sin Cara's work in a WWE ring, as he looks more and more like Mistico everyday.  

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