WWE: SmackDown Tapings Feature Befuddling Booking

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2011

[WARNING – this content contains spoilers]

By now, the biggest spoiler of 2011 has overtaken the world wide web, and in many cases curiosity, so much that even somebody like me who never reads spoilers had to point and click to find out what all the fuss was about. 

The revelation, that Christian dropped the World Heavyweight Championship to SmackDown newcomer Randy Orton at last night's tapings, lived up to the strong intrigue of the previously unknown that had conquered my will power. 

The last time we saw Christian, he was culminating his life's work with a historic first time World Heavyweight Championship win.  The out pour of emotion in the co-main event of Extreme Rules had injected life into a World Heavyweight Championship that was previously vacated by a retiring Edge.

Events surrounding Christian's World Title win had suggested that the stars were aligning for the veteran to finally capture a major title. 

Even the journey within the journey, documented by an evolutionary  two month chase of the World Title following a return from pectoral surgery, was a fascinating dimension to what turned out to be an improbable World Title win and the feel good story of the year. 

Unfortunately, Randy Orton's sudden defeat of Christian on SmackDown prematurely pulled the plug on Christian's diminutive reign as World Champion. 

Orton's win made him the third different World Champion in about a month in a dumbfounding demonstration of feel gone gone bad. 

When Randy Orton was moved to SmackDown in last week's WWE Draft on RAW, it was an obvious and necessary move made by WWE to replace Edge on SmackDown as the show's top babyface. 

The general consensus dictated that it was only going to be a matter of time before Orton would become the show's World Champion, however few thought it was going to happen in a matter of hours.   

With Christian on the back end of his career as a veteran performer, and career mid carder in WWE, it was safe to assume that he would only serve as a transitional champion. 

Vince McMahon has never thought highly of Christian as a main eventer, and moving the belt off of him was surely an inevitability in the not so distant future. 

However in creating such an emotionally profound moment, a rarity in World Title matches these days, WWE's call to immediately have Christian drop the belt during his very next appearance was counter productive.

Fresh off of a glorified mid card feud with a checked out CM Punk, Randy Orton, who went 0-3 in three WWE Championship matches against the Miz, was forced right back into the title picture and is now to be taken seriously as a World Champion. 

It certainly isn't a stretch to have the multi-time World Champion carry a major championship, but a more substantive build up could have been nice.  

Apparently the two had an amazing match, and Orton-Christian is one of the few unique feuds that hasn't been done.

For WWE to give this match away on free television, and have Orton go over, not only damages their already impaired pay-per-view business, but it takes all of the emotion and meaning out of what has once again been established as a B-Title.

Now, at Overt the Limit, WWE will either have to stick with the same feud that has already peaked out of the gate, or shotgun another opponent and convince its consumers to buy into the would-be challenger with just over two weeks left until the pay-per-view. 

SmackDown's ratings will surely benefit from the shocking developments of this past Tuesday's tapings, but WWE's perennially down trending business has suggested that booking to keep week-to-week ratings afloat is a crippling business model.

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Christian, who was kept strong for months leading up to this win at Extreme Rules.

While WWE may Christian as a career midcarder, it would certainly do their World Championship no favors to drop him down the pecking order so soon after a short-lived World Title Reign. 

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