WWE News: Has Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler Jumped the Shark?

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2011

It was just a couple months ago that I was drooling over my keyboard, the same way Dave Meltzer does when he raves about New Japan Pro Wrestling, as I gave a rather in depth preview of what looked to have the makings for a feud of the year. 

The legendary career of Jerry Lawler, real life elements, and overall brilliance from Michael Cole as the unlikeable heel coordinated to create a feud that was rich in emotional investment. 

Dislike for Cole had been built since he wasn't even trying to be disliked, when the source of wrestling fans' ire for Cole came from the fact that he was (poorly) attempting to replace WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross as lead announcer of RAW and the voice of the WWE. 

Instead of attempt to embrace the historically fickle WWE audience, Cole went the other way and slowly embraced his unlikeable qualities, shrewdly cultivating his mannerisms to become a modern day version of fellow former RAW announcer Vince McMahon

Cole's pomposity and obnoxiousness reached its tipping point leading to WrestleMania, when he taunted legendary wrestler Jerry Lawler's deceased mother among other things.  

Cole's antics, that had uniquely riled up the Internet and casual fans alike, were fine tuned for comeuppance come WrestleMania, which over the years has become a stage created for just that. 

However, a poorly executed match between Lawler and Cole followed by an overbooked finish saw Michael Cole "technically" claim a victory at WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta.  The reverse-decision victory cheapened the feel-good moment of Lawler's revenge and undermined the brilliant build up to what probably should have been his temporary demise.  

The reincarnation of Cole-Lawler saw the addition of another non-wrestler, in Jim Ross, as Ross and Cole interjected in a series of sloppy, in-ring confrontations both before and during the tag-team version of Cole-Lawler at WWE Extreme Rules. 

Cole gained a pinfall victory in a "Country Whipping" match, as WWE would once again set up a storyline, where fans had the opportunity to pay to see Cole lose, only to once again balk at the payoff. 

Cole would get his the night after on RAW, where the Rock delivered a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow on the entertainingly annoying Cole, thus giving millions of viewers what they want free of charge. 

The Cole comeuppance continued this past Monday on RAW in Knoxville, as Jerry Lawler returned from a Jack Swagger assault to comically use Cole's head as a racquetball inside the confines of the Cole Mine. 

As entertaining as last night's segment was, it made me wonder whether or not I still wanted to pay to see Cole become shown up once again on pay-per-view. 

Cole and Lawler are scheduled to meet yet again at WWE Over the Limit in Seattle, where the stipulation of the match dictates that should Cole win he will seize Lawler's Hall of Fame ring thereby becoming inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Given Cole's record on pay-per-view, and with Vince McMahon having a ball with all things Michael Cole, a Michael Cole win wouldn't surprise me in the least.  The ensuing Hall of Fame-level antics by Cole, while potentially amusing, would just drag on a feud that was made to be blown off at WrestleMania. 

With WWE hitting the reset button by virtue of post-WrestleMania season and the WWE Draft, more Cole-Lawler shenanigans seem to be dangerously closing in on overkill territory. 

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