Bada-Bing! For The New York Giants and Eli Man-Ning!

Johnny GarciaContributor IOctober 19, 2008

  "Let’s not beat around the bush. This past Monday we flat out just didn’t show up in our loss to the Cleveland Browns. We were out-willed, out- hustled, out-everything. It was an all-around disappointing effort to say the least and it showed in a lopsided defeat. I think a lot of things went into Monday night’s loss. It had to do with a team that was high emotionally, they played very good football and all the credit goes to them. They played a solid football game but at the same time I couldn’t tell you why we played that way. That is not New York Giants football and it was something that no player in the locker room was pleased with and you can bet that we’re not going to let that kind of performance happen again." These were the statements written in Giants' rookie LB Bryan Kehl's online journal, and you better believe they kept that promise!

The New York football Giants got it it cooked, got it rapped and got it done. The defending Superbowl champions re-established themselves as I predicted they would have. They re-furnished all of the vital mistakes they made one week ago in Cleavland. Ex: The Giants had 0 sacks against the Brown's offensive line last week. This week, the Giants came up with five sacks and four forced fumbles; one witch was recovered by the Giants. They forced three turnovers, including two interceptions by Michael Johnson. They also actually forced punts on the offense. Another polished aspect of their game: Last week the Giants allowed 9 for 13 in third down completions. Today they allowed 2 for 10 in third down conversions. Another huge game changer that I have always alluded to is the Giants' key to victory, no turnovers, zero! Last week the Giants gave up the ball three times. This time around, they learned from their mistakes, made an adjustment and beat a team they were supposed to beat. The Giants' defense has made a significant alteration to their game plan without captain Antonio pierce in the lineup, and it worked! Last week they gave up 144 rushing yards for 30 carries to the Browns. This week the 49ers star rushing back Frank Gore had a mere 11 caries for 11 yards! It was pretty much one yard-per carry :p! The improved defense allowed 201 overall yards less than last week's game. Best of all, Eli Manning stayed outta trouble. Sure there were some close calls where near interceptions could have changed the flow of the game, but fortunately, that did not occur. Eli Manning gave nothing back to the 49ers' defense. The Giants were extremely focused coming into this game and proved once again to millions of viewers, they are that team to beat. And with a terrible Cowboys' loss today the Giants are looking pretty good on top the NFC East. They are 4-0 at home this season and could extend that streak.