WWE Over the Limit: Possible Roles for Superstars Not Booked for the PPV Tonight

Buzz M.Analyst IMay 22, 2011

WWE Over the Limit: Possible Roles for Superstars Not Booked for the PPV Tonight

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    I'm not booked for this PPV, but you already know that. Photo copyright to WWE.com

    Hello, Buzzers. Buzz is back.

    Over the Limit is few hours away. It seems that WWE has already arranged the matches and the card seems to be final.

    Even though WWE has always had the tradition of making some last-minute additions to matches during the event, but I guess it seems a bit impossible to think about it this time. I mean we already have eight matches which is a good number for a PPV.

    However, as I looked at the event, I realized that several superstars will miss the event including some notable and major stars.

    In the next slides, I'll take a look at some superstars missing and how they might get involved in the card whether in a match or via interference.

    (All photos are courtesy of WWE.com)

Mark Henry

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    Before he moved to Smackdown, he was nothing more than a secondary superstar doing some jobbing duties most of the time.

    However, as soon as he got drafted from RAW, he turned heel and became somehow relevant again. Not only this, but he's now appearing in high-profile matches and trying to get himself a World Title match. He's been involved in promos and matches with Christian and Randy Orton.

    It seems that WWE are giving him another brief push. Maybe Henry is getting close to retirement? Maybe this will be one of his final major stories? Nobody knows.

    Possible involvement tonight

    Anyway, he seems to be missing this event as he hasn't been booked for any match. Would he be in a dark match? Maybe.

    Will he interfere in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Orton and Christian? I highly doubt it unless WWE want to end the match in a controversial way.

    But still, we should keep a close eye on him.


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    Just like this photo, Sheamus might be having the same feeling as we head into Sunday night's event. Interestingly enough, the Celtic Warrior hasn't been missing any PPV (except for Wrestlemania 27) since months.

    Sheamus started this year horribly with a series of losses. Things became worse for him when he confronted a returning Triple H just to get pedigreed on the announcers' table.

    After being part of the main event scene during the majority of last year, he dramatically dropped to the mid-card section this year.

    He was able to recover for a while and win the US Title after beating Daniel Bryan. But he lost few weeks later against Kofi Kingston after he got drafted to Smackdown.

    However, it seems that he's briefly back to the main-event scene for now. Just like Mark Henry, he's been part of promos and matches with Christian and Randy Orton.

    Possible involvement tonight

    Will he be booked tonight for a match? I don't think so. Some people might say that he could get a US Title rematch against Kofi kingston but I highly doubt it.

    I mean the whole match at Extreme Rules was arranged so that they can move the championship belt to RAW.

    But anyway, I'll be aware of a possible appearance by him during the World Heavyweight Championship match. Again, I don't think he'll interfere unless WWE want to end the match with a swerve.


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    It's unfair to say that Kharma hasn't made an impact after her debut because she certainly did. Most fans are now looking forward to the Divas matches because they expect her appearance after every match.

    However, sooner or later, Kharma will make her debut match and these post-match attacks will come to an end very soon.

    Many people had their own analysis to Kharma's run until now. Some were lost whether she's face or heel while others were wondering why she was attacking all those Divas.

    Kharma, in my opinion, isn't about being face or heel. She's more about creating a path of destruction and crushing all Divas in the process.

    The blond doll she destroyed in the vignettes seemed to be a reference to most women in this division. Or it might be a reference to a specific Diva and I'll discuss this more below.

    Moving on, there's something common between all the Divas attacked by Kharma until now. They are all former Divas Champions or current (Bella).

    Michelle McCool, Maryse, Alicia Fox and Eve are all former champions. Technically, Layla might not be considered a former Champion as McCool was the actual Divas Champion.

    But Layla was still the self-processed champion and defended the title on several occasions, just like McCool did when they were co-Women's Champions.

    The only former champions left are Melina and Natalya. We still have to wait and see if she'll attack them. Mickie James and Jillian were also champions but unfortunately, they're not employed by WWE anymore.

    The only Diva who was able to escape the attack more than once was Kelly Kelly. Even when Kharma had the chance to attack her, she only flicked her forehead and left.

    I'll be writing an article about Kharma and the Divas Division later this week.

    Possible involvement tonight

    Anyway, tonight, Kelly will face Brie Bella for the Divas Championship. I guess that Kharma's appearance after the match is a forgone conclusion.

    Will Kelly win the title tonight? Will she finally be Kharma's victim after the match? Was the blond doll a reference to Kelly? Will this be Kharma's first rivalry?

    Whatever happens, we still have to wait for Kharma's debut match which doesn't seem to be happening tonight.

Cody Rhodes

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    Now we're getting more serious. Cody Rhodes has become a major superstar on Smackdown, and his appearances on the blue brand are now regular.

    The new twisted gimmick seems to be going on pretty well with him, and it sure elevated his status among the WWE roster after the Dashing gimmick made him relevant at first. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be having any match on this card.

    Rhodes has come out of a great rivalry against Rey Mysterio that included an awesome victory at Wrestlemania. I know he lost at Extreme Rules but he still benefited from this feud.

    I like the new promos he had in the past few weeks where he had two men hand out paper bags to the crowd.

    However, I hope he doesn't spend most of his time doing this without being involved in a major rivalry. It will be interesting to see how things will go for now in his current program with Ted DiBiase.

    Are they going to reunite? Or was their promo a one-time deal only?

    Possible involvement tonight

    As I said, Cody Rhodes isn't booked for the show. Moreover, there doesn't seem to be any match that he might interfere in, so we might not see him tonight. However, a short promo won't be surprising.

    I hope he feuds against Randy Orton in the future.

Alberto Del Rio

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    I won't lie here, but what made me write this article is Alberto Del Rio. This guy seems to be unlucky as he's always the superstar to be mostly affected by the occurrence of any sudden event.

    He was supposed to have a match against Rey Mysterio, but due to John Morrison's injury, Mysterio had to face R-Truth instead. This left Del Rio with no opponent to face.

    Furthermore, his destiny to win the World Title might have been delayed more than once in the past due to unwanted events too.

    I guess we don't need to go through his short history and how he was one of the fastest rising superstars.

    The debate about whether he deserves to be pushed or not should end by now because he proved to be a deserving superstar. The new discussion now is when he's going to win the World Championship.

    Possible involvement tonight

    Even though Del Rio isn't booked for any match tonight, but his ongoing rivalry against Mysterio seems to be heating up again. So the only possible involvement I expect for him is in Mysterio's match against R-Truth. Or he might have a short promo and remind us who he is. I hope not because it will be meaningless.

    I guess a future program against John Cena isn't far away. But will it happen soon? Or will he feud against another superstar first? Will he get a match tonight? Will he have a brief promo?

    Will he attack Cena after his match? I don't know, but one thing I'm sure about and that is he'll definitely make a notable appearance tonight.

    Only time will tell us what's next for the Mexican Aristocrat, or as RAW's anonymous GM likes to call him, the crown jewel of the WWE Draft.

Other Superstars

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    The superstars below aren't booked for the show. Some of them were involved in main story lines while others weren't missing any PPV in the last couples of months. But, with the exception of Jack Swagger, they don't seem to be getting involved in any segment tonight.

    Kofi Kingston: He hasn't missed any PPV in a year (with the exception of Hell in Cell). Unfortunately, he might not find a spot in this card.

    Jack Swagger: It will be interesting to see if he'll play any role in the Lawler/Cole match. Other than this, I don't see any other role for him.

    Ted DiBiase: His appearance might depend on the availability of Cody Rhodes at the show tonight.

    Daniel Bryan: Will he appear in Chavo Guerrero vs. Sin Cara match? WWE doesn't seem to be taking him seriously these days, so I doubt it.

    Drew McIntyre: I thought he was going to have a better run after Elimination Chamber. Unfortunately, nothing changed after the PPV and he doesn't seem to be doing anything tonight.

    Dolph Ziggler: Ever since he left Smackdown and moved to RAW, he's been going downhill pretty fast. The new look made things worse for him, I guess. I don't even know if he's considered for any possible feud in the near future.

    The Great Khali: Will he have another segment with Jinder Mahal?

Happy First Anniversary

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    This is a bit out of topic, but May 20 (two days ago) marked the first anniversary of my debut article on Bleacher Report. I know this is a bit irrelevant but I couldn't help not to mention it here. I've enjoyed writing articles and getting to know some new people on this site.

Rest in Peace, Randy Savage

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    Of course, I can't end this slide show without mentioning one of my favorite superstars ever, Randy Savage.

    R.I.P, Macho Man. You'll be missed.

The End

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