Breaking News: Michelle Mccool & Layla Co-Women Champions! (No Spoilers)

Buzz M.Analyst IMay 20, 2010

Hello IWC, after months of reading and enjoying your articles, I thought it's about time I write my own. Well this won't be long as I only wanted to point to this stupid nonsense. I know it's not the best article, but hopefully I'll be writing more interesting things later.

Back to our topic. Last week on Smackdown, Beth Phoenix had to defend her title against team Lay-Cool in a losing effort (we were all aware of her injury). The match ended with Layla pinning Beth and celebrating the title win with Michelle McCool.

Apparently, Layla is the new champion. However, this celebration scene made us wonder who the new champion is. This past week on RAW we saw Michelle McCool & Layla both wearing women's title belts during their tag team match.

Maybe because fans care less about divas matches on RAW these days, they didn't really bother to ask why?

But I recently learned that McCool and Layla were officially named as co-women champions on Smackdown episode!

My only question is could this work? Is it really a smart move?

For me, I can't find anything interesting about it, even though we know they'll be feuding in the end. I thought Michelle won't like the idea that Layla won the title, and I was thinking it was only a matter of time before she reveals her true egoistic feelings and start a feud where Layla could turn face.

I don't think they needed to pair before they feud. But now with this co-thing, you can only prepare yourselves for more Lay-cool stuff for a while. The divas division on SD was really harmed by Mickie's release and Beth injury, even RAW's divas division (with all those stupid short matches) could be looking better in the future. I hope they fix it soon.

So what are your thoughts on this? You may have different opinions, and I'll be glad to read them.