TNA: Who Should Be the No. 1 Contender After the "Bound for Glory" Series?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 6, 2011

TNA: Who Should Be the No. 1 Contender After the "Bound for Glory" Series?

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    TNA has a champion to represent them. That champion goes by the name of Mr. Anderson.

    After defeating Sting for the championship, a tournament was declared by Hulk Hogan to make things interesting again on Impact Wrestling.

    The problem is, just who will that contender be?

    There will be 12 participants in that tournament, known as the "Bound for Glory" series.

    Out of those 12, only one will end up as the No. 1 contender.

    But who will that No. 1 contender be?

    In this slideshow, I'll provide a closer look at the contenders and give my opinion on each one at the end. I hope you like it!


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    Gunner, the man who once seemed like "just another guy" has now made a mark in the iMPACT zone (if it's still called that).

    He is currently leading the pack after defeating three TNA champions in a row (Sting, Mr. Anderson and A.J. Styles).

    It seems like he has nowhere to go but up, and if he stays at this rate, he may just win the whole thing.

    But there's still a lot of days to go before a true winner can be determined. Anything can happen; the last person in the current standings may end up being first by the time this "Bound for Glory" series is over.


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    Crimson is another one of those superstars who started out as an unknown rookie (unless you watch the independent scene), but he is quickly making an impact on Impact Wrestling.

    He started out as "Baby Red" and evolved into "Crimson." He currently ranks No. 2 in the "Bound for Glory" series.

    He is on an undefeated streak and has yet to be beaten.

    This may work to his advantage as no one has completely figured out how to stop this man from dominating the competition.

    Unless he's defeated soon, Crimson may end up winning the "Bound for Glory" series after all.

Matt Morgan

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    The DNA of TNA may finally have a chance to prove to everyone that he deserves to have had the TNA championship at least once in his career by now.

    He is currently in the Top Three for the "Bound for Glory" series and if he somehow finds a way to pass Crimson and Gunner, he will finally receive a chance to get the title that he hasn't been given a real chance to compete for.

    My thoughts on Matt Morgan never getting a real chance to showcase his worth as champion can be found here.

    I believe that it is now the time for the Blueprint to become much more than a blueprint by winning the BFG series.

    This could be the chance for Morgan to become TNA champion, but will he?

    The series is not over yet, so we can't predict it now, but my choice for the "Bound for Glory" series winner has to go to Matt Morgan.

    The Blueprint can finally prove himself as the DNA of TNA if he somehow surpasses Crimson and Gunner to take the No. 1 spot.

A.J. Styles

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    A.J. Styles is supposed to be the "face of TNA," but for the past year or so, he certainly wasn't booked to look that way. 

    He was rarely involved in the main title picture, but lately he's been re-approaching that main event spot that he used to have.

    With a chance to regain the title by winning the "Bound for Glory" series, he can became the face of TNA once again.

    Expect nothing less of a phenomenal performance throughout the entire series by A.J. Styles as he looks to regain his spot as the "face" of the company.

James Storm

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    "Lucky" is a word that could easily describe this man, as most of his points have come from tag-team matches where he was the one who got the pin.

    Since he scored the pinfall, he received the points and thus somehow made it to the Top Five of the "Bound for Glory" series standings.

    I doubt that he's able to keep this up. Eventually Roode may get the points, since he has none at the moment, but for now Storm is the leader point-wise and is the closer of the two to get a No. 1 contender shot.

Rob Van Dam

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    RVD was a former TNA champion, so he knows what it feels like to become TNA champion. 

    He is a viable threat to become No. 1 contender as he may let the taste of having the main gold once overcome him and not allow him to do any worse than first place.

    He has proven that he can beat some of the top names in the company, but will that be enough to lead him to No. 1 in the "Bound for Glory" series?

    I can see it happening; he somehow knows how to win.

    Plus, he's the "Whole F'n Show" and the whole show is defined by the TNA championship. He needs that championship to live up to his name, so I see him being a serious threat for that No. 1 contender spot.

Bully Ray

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    Bully Ray has basically become the leader of Immortal.

    The only problem is that Immortal is mostly irrelevant now, and it may just drop Bully Ray's credibility since he is leading an irrelevant group of wrestlers.

    I sense that Bully Ray may be hot and cold in this series. He can win, but I doubt that he'll make it all the way to the top once this competition starts closing up.

Scott Steiner

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    I'm just wondering, how did Steiner get in this series when there are other, more deserving individuals? Someone like, oh, I don't know—DANIELS!

    But seriously, I'm glad Steiner isn't close to the lead because at this stage in his career, he doesn't deserve a shot for the TNA championship.

    I actually believe that he's there to get the occasional win, but more often than not to be there for the pinfall.

    I truly hope that I am not proven wrong.

Brother Devon

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    I believe Devon is there for the role of the "pity" man, because with the way things have been going lately, he has been out of the spotlight and only appears sporadically.

    I do believe that he'll get a few wins here and there, but in the end I doubt that he'll go anywhere near the top of the rankings once the "Bound for Glory" series is all said and done.

    Brother Devon, "TESTIFY!!!" to having a low ranking after the "Bound for Glory" series draws to an end.

Robert Roode

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    First of all, is it Robert Roode or Bobby Roode? If someone knows, please tell me and explain to me why his name changed to Bobby (if it has indeed changed to that).

    Anyways, the star who many people once believed would be able to "break out" with this series, is currently at the bottom of the rankings.

    Sure, there's still time to break out and rise to the top, but if he wants to have a chance at winning, he'll have to score the pinfall on a few opponents first, instead of allowing James Storm to gain the easy points.

Samoa Joe

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Samoa Joe once undefeated?

    I believe he was. And if he still was, he could easily be at the top right now, alongside Crimson, who is currently undefeated.

    Problem is, Samoa Joe isn't undefeated anymore. In reality, he's actually victory-less.

    His lack of victories is costing him—his ranking in this series proves it.

    If he wants to win, he needs to unleash that fury that once made him feared and helped him to be undefeated for about a year.

    It's basically his only hope.

    "Undefeated or bust." Hopefully Samoa Joe prefers the first instead of the latter.

The Pope

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    "Pope is Pimpin" no longer.

    In the past few months or so, he's gone from relevant to irrelevant.

    That could be his downfall as his role in the company has diminished, which in turn makes him a wrestler that won't lose any more credibility if he does lose.

    Pope has to find some way to win, but seeing as how he's gone soft and turned face again, it doesn't seem believable that he'll make it far up the rankings in this "Bound for Glory" series tournament.

So, Who Is It Going To Be?

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    Out of the 12 participants, only the Top Four will receive a chance to fight for the No. 1 contenders match; the remaining eight will lose that chance and go back to the mid-card or worse.

    Personally, I want Matt Morgan to win it as he's waited long enough. I believe that the other three will include A.J. Styles (since he is the "face of TNA," after all), Crimson (because his undefeated streak will take him far) and Samoa Joe (as he will somehow find a way to bounce back into the tournament).

    Honestly, these are my guesses, but there is still a lot of time for things to change.

    Anything can happen and anyone can make an impact at any given time.

    Who do you think will end up as the contender for the TNA championship, once the "Bound for Glory" series is all said and done?