Impact Wrestling's Matt Morgan: The DNA of TNA Is Still Waiting for His Gold!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMay 30, 2011

DNA is the structure that makes up anything from the ground up. Matt Morgan, The DNA of TNA.

Notice any similarities? No? Don't worry, there aren't any.

Matt Morgan, even if he has been with TNA for a long time now, didn't solely help build up TNA into what it is today. You could even argue that other wrestlers contributed more to the company than he did. Guys like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels for example.

Nevertheless, Morgan has still been beneficial in helping put TNA on the map as a legit wrestling promotion.

Throughout the years that he's been in TNA, he's always been respected as an athlete and even had a few chances to feel the taste of gold, although every time he has held it, it was never the premier gold.

Matt Morgan has only been a contender and whenever it seems that he's going to rise to the occasion and finally win the big one, something seems to stop him.

He's said it himself: He has waited for so long. He's going to do whatever it takes to finally become champion.

He's waited on the sidelines for so long that he doesn't even feel the agony of defeat anymore, all he's anticipating is a chance for the TNA championship. A chance to be the Number 1 Contender. Do you remember this?:

or this?

That's when he was so close to being a champion. That's when he was so close to being the true DNA of TNA because as champion, the show would have revolved around him. That's when he was at the top of the show, a main event face.

After having broken out of the group known as Immortal, he withheld everyone from taking the Number 1 Contender-ship from him and from blocking his path to reaching the top.

That is, everyone except for Mr. Anderson, who was the whole reason why Morgan became a face in the first place. Matt Morgan was so close to becoming number one contender and eventually have a chance to become champion but it was all taken away from him.

Ever since he lost that momentum, he hasn't been able to recover from his stalled or in this case, declining push. He really deserves better.

If given the right push, he can truly become the DNA of TNA but for now, he's just another mid-card face who has to wait his turn again to receive a shot for the TNA title.

He will eventually become champion. The potential is just too much for it not to happen. If is not the question anymore; the question is when.

When will he become champion? He's already waited long enough, but how much longer can he wait? How much longer can he put up with this?

Matt Morgan deserves to be champion at least once.

Hopefully, for the sake of everyone, his long-deserved reign arrives sooner rather than later.