NFL Teams Face Tough Race: Who Will Make the Playoffs and Who Will Become Jaded?

Johnny GarciaContributor IOctober 16, 2008

The NFL has had ups and downs recently. Many teams seem more competitive this season, this is true.

The race to the playoffs is going to be a tight one, especially for the NFC East. This is one of the hardest divisions to compete inside of the NFL.

There is a sense of uncertainty now because of recent events. Eli Manning threw away what was thought to be a potential cruise victory for the Giants and all three of the rest of the NFC teams are tied.

Most importantly, the Cowboys just lost their Pro Bowl quarterback Tony Romo. This can go in any direction for all of the teams of the NFC East.

The big question is which team would get into the playoffs and make an impact. Here are the teams' strengths and weaknesses:

Giants: Strength= Defense, Blocking and running game, Weakness= Turnovers.

Redskins: Strength= Running game and Santana Moss, Weakness= Run Defense.

Eagles: Strength= Running game, and Donovan McNabb, Weakness= Secondary.

Cowboys: Strength= Big passing plays, Running game. Weakness= Defense and team morale.

In the essence of playoff month I predict that it will be a close race between all four teams but only one will win the division... Bottom Line: I predict that the Giants will come out dominating the fundamentals of their division in the end. They are by far one of the most talented teams in the NFL and have great chemistry. They are a complete team with an explosive package of a big running game and huge blocking. When the Giants are "on the money", there's no team in the NFL that could stop them. This is the only team I would feel comfortable in saying they would make the Superbowl.

So for all of the fans out there... May the best team win.