WWE Smackdown Reactions: How the Fans Have Failed Christian

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIMay 6, 2011

For the past few days there has been much controversy regarding the short first time title reign of Christian, who won the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday May 1.

To recap, he went on to lose the title to Randy Orton on Tuesday May 3 at a taping and officially on Friday May 6 on the official airing of Smackdown. I choose to keep the article until after the actual airing of Smackdown and because of that I have been able to see the reactions of fans for the week so far.

Overall, many people were outraged by the new turn of events. This is understandable since Christian has been in the business for more than a decade without climbing to the apex of WWE. It also follows on the heels of Edge’s sudden retirement because of injury. It was a fairy-tale story (the commentators called it Cinderella like), who else better to take his place than his best friend?

This made his Extreme Rules 2011 match against Alberto Del Rio predictable, but people were pretty happy with the match because of the love they have for Christian and the quality of the performances of both men.

Less than a week later, WWE decides to be unpredictable. The show started with Christian coming out to begin his first reign as Champion. His speech was beautiful, he shed some tears for his buddy Edge, all in all it was a touching moment. It really set up what eventually happened and it is only when you look at it with the knowledge that he was going to lose that the irony of it all started sinking in.

The Championship changes hands, not on a PPV, but on Friday night Smackdown. Immediately hate started pouring out. As usual people started: comparing Orton to Cena, saying that Orton buries superstars because he has a high influence in WWE, promising to stop watching wrestling, hating on Orton, stating that WWE was guilty of disrespecting and ignoring a veteran of the game.

It was all so final. I felt as if I was reading about the end of a career rather than the end of a title run. During all this time, no one was looking at his/her own reaction as perpetuating the very same thing that he/she was accusing WWE of, that is, burying  Christian.

Does no one believe that this is not the end but a new beginning? I am sure that this is not over, not by a long way. I do see the two men having some conflict soon. There are some reports that Christian is injured but I am yet to confirm those.

Even in this case, the story is not likely to be buried. There is bound to be more opportunities for Christian.

I urge people to note that the fans were the ones who wanted the match. There were “Randy” chants before Theodore Long could even ask for a vote for Marc Henry and the Great Khali.

There was also emphasis on "giving the fan what they want" throughout the show. Christian is not going to be thrilled by this and who do you think he is going to blame? This sets up a heel turn for Christian and I think he would do really well with it.

Another good that can come from this is that soon, Christian will become a two time champion, instead of just having one long drawn out reign. This can then increase so that he racks up a good number by the time he is ready to call it quits.

When you have been fighting as long as he has without the belt, I think I would rather have short reigns where I lose a few times rather than finishing my career as a one time champion who held the belt for a long time.

This is not to say that no one else is seeing the good that can come out of this, for example this author (Lewis) is less pessimistic in his criticism. I am not going to repeat some of his ideas; you guys can check it out here.

Realistically speaking I do not see anyone else taking up the mantle on the Smackdown roster. People are talking about Sheamus, but it would be a shame (no pun intended) if we are made to sit through an Orton/Sheamus feud again. This means that Christian is going to be in the picture for a while to come. So please don’t count the one, two, three on him.

Extra note: After the dust has settled many people are indeed seeing the light and you can see some of the comments from this article by Joe Burgett are similar to my viewpoints.