WWE News: How Christian May Be in Line for Something Bigger, Badder and Better

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 6, 2011

WWE News: How Christian May Be in Line for Something Bigger, Badder and Better

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    **** Spoilers involved - Read at your own caution****



    May 1, 2011 - The day Captain Charisma won his first WWE World Championship thus becoming a Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam Champion—something Edge wasn't able to do.

    As the whole Internet cried, screamed and smiled in joy—it was taken away in a mere 48 hours with an RKO.

    Randy Orton won the Championship at the May 3 Smackdown tapings in Orlando, Fla.—thus I'll be dubbing this event as the Orlando Screwjob because we were emotionally invested in this match, something we haven't been in years for a World Title match.

    WWE did the IWC's dream.

    Christian became World Heavyweight Champion, and for him to drop the belt in a matter of days just shows how this prestigious belt has fallen.

    Well, as everyone is putting a bad light on this saga (including me), I feel to lighten up the mood and show how this could be a build-up for main event Christian.

Chris Jericho Gives His View on the Saga

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     "Hey everyone bitching about @Christian4Peeps losing the title, have u ever thought that maybe it's just the beginning of a bigger storyline?" ~ Comment made from Chris Jericho yesterday via his twitter, @IAMJERICHO.

    Chris Jericho is my favorite Wrestler of all time (with Christian a close second), so I really have faith in his tweet.

    Perhaps Jericho is claiming a Randy Orton and Christian feud over the World Title.

    Personally, I hope someone turns heel, and by the sounds of things, Randy seems the guy. I heard he cut a promo at the Smackdown taping and it sounded a little on the heel side of things.

    Until Smackdown airs on television, I won't give my verdict if Orton is turned heel soon.

    However Chris Jericho tweeted again in response to a fan who said "Wow, Thanks for the spoiler."

    "Not a spoiler at all! I have no idea what the plan is..." Chris Jericho stated.

    Also, Christian has yet to tweet anything on his twitter account since this incident took place—do you think WWE have told him to keep a lid off his feelings or he is keeping quiet due to being professional? 

Christian Is the No. 2 Guy on Smackdown

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    However you look at this scenario, Christian is going to be the second top face on Smackdown.

    With Undertaker not working and reports/rumors of him returning to RAW instead of Smackdown—Christian hasn't had to share spotlight with both Undertaker and Randy Orton.

    The next face who will probably be next behind Christian is Sin Cara.

    Sin Cara (Mistico) Is far from being a main event star in WWE at the moment, but WWE hopes for it to happen someday; but for now, Christian is above him.

    Christian will still be a part of the spotlight for Smackdown—he will be much like Randy Orton when he was on RAW, second man to John Cena.

The Heel Turn

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    Smackdown hasn't a top main event player heel at the moment—let's look at the viable candidates who could be.

    Wade Barrett: Would have the opportunity at main eventing, but he is stuck with the Intercontinental Title and a mediocre break-up feud with the Corre.

    Sheamus: For some reason, I feel he is going to be the person to feud with Sin Cara.

    Cody Rhodes: Probably the best heel on Smackdown at the moment, but he isn't ready for the main event just yet.

    Mark Henry: He looks to be the WWE's main heel on the Smackdown brand at this moment, but I can't see WWE sticking with him for long, although he deserves more of a chance.

    These are the guys most likely to feud at main event level competition but none of them are main eventers at the minute.

    Christian and Randy Orton—a turn for one of them might be in the works.

    Who would you prefer to stay face or to turn heel? 

Did the Commentators Work on Christian Being Injured?

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    The marks on Christian's body show he was in a battle but did the commentators put over if Christian wasn't 100 percent?

    Perhaps if this is an angle? WWE wanted to do the quick change for storyline reasons, if Christian was "injured" and if was talked about by the commentators, maybe the rematch may focus around Christian being 100 percent and may eventually portray Randy Orton as a heel.

    I really hope Booker and the gang played up Christian was injured and just days after winning it, he had to have an impromptu match against a Viper in Randy Orton. 

WWE Actually Realize Their Error

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    GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
    Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

    Vince and the gang may have realized they made an epic mistake.

    During Smackdown, it was said the crowd was mad for the World Championship match.

    WWE may have thought that it could promise to be a feud fans would pay to see.

    Also, many fans have taken to Facebook, Wrestling sites and even directed tweets to Randy Orton about how they were involved in such a wrong booking decision.

    WWE might respond to this backlash and have a long rivalry between the two.

    Hey, we can all dream...

Orlando Screwjob: Your Opinion Matters

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    What is your view on this scenario WWE has made?

    Do you think Randy Orton will turn heel?

    Will Christian turn heel?

    Do you think they will feud?

    Or go separate ways?

    Do you think WWE has done the right or wrong thing?

    What do you expect will be done at the next Smackdown?

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