WWE News: The Curious Case of Randy Orton and the WWE Universe

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 6, 2011



I don't think it's a secret, Randy Orton is one of the top names in the WWE right now, and after he signed a 10-year contract with WWE a few years back, it doesn't seem like WWE is going to take the 31-year-old out of a top spot any time soon.

His style and character seem to be one that most fans can get behind, and one that can be considered the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, in that he is so over, he could be World Champion at any moment.

Which, is what WWE also thought when they handed him the World Heavyweight Championship on Tuesday's SmackDown taping.

We all know that Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules in one heck of a ladder match against Alberto Del Rio. It put Captain Charisma in a light that fans were begging for. Yet, his loss to Orton made the Viper a center of controversy.

Orton has been quite vocal on this issue via social networking. It seems we don't even have to put SPOILER up anymore on this, because most fans already know about Orton winning the title.

It seems most fans know and are being highly vocal on this issue, and most of WWE's talent, current and former, aren't shy about sharing their thoughts either. 

CM Punk has thrown a funny tweet out on it saying, "Anybody hear any good rumors lately?"

Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy also got into the fray. Jericho said via twitter:

“Hey everyone bitching about (Christian) losing the title, have you ever thought that maybe it’s just the beginning of a bigger storyline?”

It just goes to show things are getting heated, and it was only a matter of time before Randy Orton responded to the numerous tweets and articles online.

It seemed he just added fuel to the fire when he said:

"When sending hate tweets to myself or @WWE because of @Christian4Peeps, @RandyOrton and the World Heavyweight Championship, please be PG ;)"

And then if that didn't make him seem a bit off on the issue, he has been retweeting, well, his hate tweets. Here is one of them:

"You won the title. Vince has no idea how much people are hating YOU on the Internet. I hope you continue to lose all your fans."

Now, I think this is a passionate fan, but one who misses the point in this all. Orton just went out and won the World Heavyweight Title, you know, did his job.

However, Christian is so over with the Internet fans. Sure, Orton has a ton of fans online, but Christian seems to have the most of pretty much anyone in the WWE right now.

Orton continued to share his thoughts via twitter by saying:

“Biggest change from Raw to Smackdown…Ignorance x Jealousy + Spoilers = entertaining tweets!! Keep em coming!!”

Now, this is one thing I think Orton could refrain from doing. First off Orton, remember, you're a face character now. You want fans to love you; don't make them even angrier. By not responding at all, you tell people nothing about what you're thinking and they can't hate you more.

There is an old saying that could help here, it's this:

"It is better to be silent, and be thought to be a fool, rather to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Orton, you'd benefit from this. I know, I know. Some fans will be nuts, but the IWC always has been. It's not some secret you have to keep quiet. It seems after that tweet, Orton hasn't been talking all that much. So, maybe he got the hint.

I think Christian has more coming for him. There is a need for a No. 2 face on SmackDown anyway, and Captain Charisma fits that well. Orton will obviously need to be the top face, and that's not a bad thing.

Fans should calm down on Orton, however, seeing as he's just doing his job. People want to hate him because he took the title off Christian, and that's understandable. But you should be pointing at management for doing it.

I feel Christian will hold the World Heavyweight Championship again one day, but will it be soon? Chances are high that it won't be.

But there is always a chance of course. Keep this in mind, the last time the IWC was this vocal was when Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) was released.

Remember, he came back to WWE a few months later and was in the main event that same night. He also went on to have one of the longer US Title reigns in recent memory. It goes to show us, that things can change if fans want it to.

Keep in mind that Vince McMahon has always said, if it sells, then he'll do it. Maybe this could be his mastermind-like plan to see how much the fans really cared about Christian.

Orton was just the guy who took it off Christian, while this could be a good thing in the long run. I say we wait and see what happens, and cool down the hate. Especially on a guy doing his job.

The curious case of Randy Orton is that although fans want to hate him right now, they'll be cheering him soon. Fans' memories may be great, but they will always cheer a guy who is one of the best. They may not like him, but they'll still recognize the talent.

LeBron James was hated for going to the Miami Heat in the manner he did, and fans all over voiced their hateful opinion on the former Cleveland King, yet now that they are two up on the Boston Celtics, they are cheering him like he was still a Cavalier. The same will happen with Orton.



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