Dominic Rhodes: Thankful For Another Chance

Trever RobyContributor IOctober 11, 2008

Do people deserve second chances? Many will say: yes, if they deserve it... right? Well does Dominic Rhodes deserve another chance with the Indianapolis Colts? The team he left because he got greedy and cocky?

Rhodes left the Colts after the 2006 season, in which the Colts became world champions. Rhodes got caught up in the heat of that Superbowl ring and wasn't thinking right. After Rhodes started every game in 2006, Joseph Addai was awarded with the starting spot. Rhodes wanted more money and a starting position. So, he signed a deal with the Raiders worth 7.5 million dollars. I'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time, but that only started his problems.

Before he even played a game with that black and white jersey on, he was suspended four games due to violating the leagues rules regarding substance abuse.

"I love this league more and more every year because of how it humbles you and makes you into a man" Stated Rhodes. 

I wonder how that's working out for him

"Yeah, I learned you've got to make sure you select what you do in this league wisely. This right here, what we get to do, it's a privilege..."

It's always easier to think rationally after the event. Isn't it?

If the embarrassment of joining a team with a full backfield isn't enough, the 4-12 record of the Raiders last year would embarrass anyone associated with that particular franchise. He's only accountable for 302 yards and one touchdown all last season. His reputation and self confidence just took a big hit with that one, buddy.

I think he learned his lesson. After the Raiders released him, he agreed to play with the Indianapolis Colts once again. In this whole sharade, he didn't get what he wanted in the first place. He lost his big-money-contract, and a starting position. He agreed to a $650,000 contract, and Joseph Addai will be showing him how to do things now.

Rhodes is going to try harder than ever to get his rep and production up, but it isn't going to be easy as it sounds. As much as quarterback Peyton Manning changes up the plays, he'll have to study hard and try to remember what everything means all over again. He's always going to be a guy to play with high energy and emotion. Even though he's only accountable for seven yards with 4 carries and one game-tying two point conversion, There's a lot of season and opportunity left for him to show us what hes got.