WWE Discussion: A Farewell To 'Wrestling'

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIApril 14, 2011

Hello Bleachers, and welcome to another WWE discussion article. In this edition I will discuss my views on the WWE name change and the recently released list of prohibited "terms."

Earlier this week, the WWE announced that it will no longer be called "World Wrestling Entertainment" but instead will be known simply as WWE. The term "wrestling" is no longer allowed to be used in any way. The WWE is no longer a "wrestling" company, they are now an "entertainment" company.

The reason behind this name change seems to be a way to remove past stereotypes of "wrestling" and remove any negative views on the WWE. The WWE is also no longer producing "sports entertainment" as the term "sports" is prohibited; the WWE simply produces "entertainment." This is just one example of the many banned terms that the WWE recently released. For a more in-depth look see this article written by Chris O Connall.

What does the name change and terminology change mean to you the fan? Some people may look at these changes as beneficial and a step in the right direction for the WWE. Others (including myself) view these changes as embarrassing, and quite frankly a joke.

Regardless of the name change, the WWE "Superstars" will still be going out to the ring to do their job like they have done countless times before. If a WWE fan considered them wrestlers last week then that fan will consider them wrestlers this week as well. Simply changing or trying to change the terminology will not change what the fans came to see.

The WWE would also like to be called an "action soap opera." Personally I do not want to watch a soap opera; I came and tuned in to watch some wrestling! These name changes and banned terms will do nothing more than make the WWE seem like a joke/embarrassment to any casual T.V. viewer.

Vince McMahon seems to have failed to realize that what he produces is considered a sport by many people across the world. The "superstars" in the ring are athletes whether he wants them to be called that or not.

Instead of denying the fact that you produce a sport Vince, you should have tried to make your sport as entertaining as possible. Instead of embracing the fans and passion that you have gained over the years with your product, you have instead alienated the fans of your "sport."

The WWE basically said that we, the fans, are no longer fans of wrestling, we are fans of entertainment and action soap operas.

I will now turn the discussion over to you, the readers. Post your views, opinions, and feelings in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.


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