WWE Name Change: Is WWE Really Sports or Entertainment?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIApril 9, 2011


As you now know, Vince McMahon and the corporate heads at World Wrestling Entertainment have gone through with their plans and changed the company's name to the simple moniker "WWE."

This is to illustrate the change the company experienced from being a simple wrestling organization to a global phenomenon for over 50 years. Whether it be in-ring combat, to movies, to publications, WWE has taken a step forward into the future to deliver onto us the best value in entertainment.  

Did it sacrifice its pro-wrestling roots? Not at all. I say WWE is all about sports AND entertainment...a very groovy time (thank you Austin Powers). You can't stay with the same formula year after year and expect beyond the stars results. You need to broaden, expand your horizons especially when you are a gifted visionary like Vince McMahon.

We have advanced so much in the last decades. The advent of the Internet, 3D movies, virtual magazines and games, all untapped resources that had to be exploited. America is a land of opportunity, so WWE moved forward and touched gold.

What about sports?

If you watched WrestleMania XXVII this year you just had to notice how much the whole thing was grandiose. It was breath-taking really.  A long ramp with giant screens and a monumental cube floating above the ring straight are from the mind of a genius. I loved the setting. However, despite all this glamour, you needed the core players, the athletes that performed wonderful stunts and delivered magnificent performances all night long.

We have to remind ourselves and skeptics that this business should be seen as theater. It is not fake. The superstars and divas are athletic performers, wrestlers and talented individuals. These reasons alone account for WWE being a SPORTS company. It is not only about sports anymore but it the lasting legacy and its trademark.

The talents take risks, defy gravity and play out a strict role that enable them to make us "OOh!" "AHh!" and "OHh!" You cannot say to Evan Bourne he is not a great performer after seeing the "Shooting-Star press" or better yet, go tell Triple H he was faking when his quadriceps rolled up his leg. Sports are dangerous.

You need to have courage, determination and drive to make it out the curtain every time. Not only that, they do it for us because every jaw-dropping moment we experience has just made their job even more magical.

So it is entertainment?

Yes. For all that happens inside the ring it is like theater, but it doesn't stop there. WWE has studios where they make movies. They publish books, appear on talk shows and give their time to charity events like "Make-A-Wish" foundation. I reiterate that it is a global phenomenon. So what can you do if a talent isn't performing well in the ring? Have him or her playing a starring role in a movie or publish a cookbook for all I know.

The possibilities are endless and now nobody can say WWE is a wrestling company. It is beyond that. There was even a football and body-building division at one point. It failed. What do you do when you fail? Pick yourself up by your chackras and move forward with a fire that cannot be quenched.

There will always be that sport: in-ring wrestling action by the superstars and divas we love giving their all to entertain us, the millions worldwide watching. If you don't like the wrestler, you can always watch the dancer or the chef or even the telethon host or famous movie star he or she has become. Take your pick, the phenomenon has spread to every corner of the extravagant and overwhelming world we live in. 

Because you see...

That's the power of WWE...without limits.