Roy Williams to Philly? Don't Rule It Out

Michoel BotwinickSenior Analyst IOctober 8, 2008

It seems like it may be an old obsession for Eagles fans, but once again I found a new reason the Eagles may bring in a dynamic play-making wide receiver.  During the offseason, it was McNabb, Reid, and one last dance for the Eagles.  Now, with young DeSean Jackson, most people have forgotten all about it.

It may be just nostalgia, but thinking about it recently brought up several logical points for the rest of the Eagles' 2008 season.

The Eagles' recent loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday signaled another wasted season for many Eagles fans.  The disappointing 2007 campaign was brought up fresh in fans' minds as the vicious NFC East fell out of sights for the Eagles, at least for a few weeks.  The Eagles, at 2-3, were by no means close to the likes of the Redskins and Cowboys, both at 4-1, or the Giants, at 4-0.

It almost seemed unfair.

We had waited so long for this season, only to be disappointed.  Could it really turn out as bad as last year, or worse?  We were told it would be a new season, a fresh start for the Eagles.  Instead, starters like Brian Westbrook and Shawn Andrews are injured and out of action while Donovan McNabb struggles to silence the critics in what was supposed to be his one last year as a Philadelphia Eagle.

The truth is, it is not the defense or offense that has struggled outright, but instead it is McNabb's—and the offense's—consistency that is hurting the team.  One brilliant game could be soured in the next.  Of course, there are ways to help the cause—like firing Andy Reid, or bringing in somebody new.

Somebody new?  Like who?

Now, to my point: Although Roy Williams was one of the wide receivers the Eagles reportedly pursued this past offseason, the GM who dealt with them is now fired.  With Matt Millen out the door, and the recent blowout to Chicago, the new GM knows that he needs to shore up the defense as well as get draft picks so that the franchise can rebuild. 

Now remember, the Eagles have both of those commodities.  They have Lito Sheppard, a Pro Bowl corner who hasn't been seeing the field much anyway, and they have not one, but two first round draft picks that the Lions would potentially be interested in. 

Lito Sheppard, especially, could help them now—the Lions currently have the worst overall defense in the league, allowing 147 points over five games, which is over two times more than that of seven other teams in the league. 

Additionally, Reggie Brown could potentially be packaged in the deal, because the new second rounder, DeSean Jackson, has already pretty much taken his place.

Now, as I have just explained how sweet this deal would be for the Lions, what would the Eagles get in return?  First of all, it looks like Westbrook may have an injury-plagued 2008.  Without Westbrook in the backfield, which potent receiver on the Eagles will be charged with carrying out Andy Reid's pass-happy offense?  DeSean Jackson?  Kevin Curtis?

Besides, Roy Williams would bring experience to a young Eagles receiving corps, as well as make everyone around him better.  Also, there is the fact that Williams would not only help Reid's and McNabb's credibility, but bring consistency to an offense and a quarterback which direly need it.

With Roy Williams aboard, I am fully confident that his swagger would affect a newly rejuvenated Eagles team and lead them to contention in the tough NFC East.

So, will the Eagles make this trade before the Oct. 14 deadline?  I wouldn't rule it out!