Anquan Boldin May Be Available, but Will the Eagles Pursue Him? Part Two

Michoel BotwinickSenior Analyst IAugust 20, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, the Eagles' organization did pursue several prominent wide receivers this off season, including Randy Moss (reports had him going back to New England for less money), Larry Fitzgerald (the Eagles were interested enough to offer a first rounder and Lito Sheppard), and Roy Williams (again involving disgruntled CB Lito Sheppard).

The media also had them connected to the likes of Chad Johnson (although the Redskins, who reportedly offered an '08 and '09 draft choice, were certainly more serious about him), and Anquan Boldin.

A lot has happened since then.

Randy Moss, as already indicated, re-signed with the Patriots. Larry Fitzgerald had his deal restructured. It seems that Detroit never really had any interest in moving Williams.

A run at Chad Johnson never really seemed legit, even if the Bengals did reconsider moving him. And, well...then there's Anquan Boldin.

The fact that Boldin is available may have an effect on the organization, or it may not. They might not even pick up the phone to give the Cardinals a call. That's just how the Eagles are.

Remember, earlier in the offseason head coach Andy Reid said that he was happy with the team's current wide receivers, much to the ridicule of Eagles fans.

But that statement does not seem to have been echoed by the rest of the organization, not only in light of their highly publicized interest in the wide receivers mentioned above, but also in the fact that this may be both Reid's and McNabb's last year in Philly.

It is worthwhile to note that if the Eagles did use one of their valuable trading chips—two first round draft picks or an unhappy star corner back—they would not only have a formidable down field threat and a match up problem for any opposing defense in Anquan Boldin, but their entire wide receiver corps would be better—for several reasons.

First of all, in 2004 when T.O. was an Eagle, current third receiver Greg Lewis had a breakout year. This was because, with a true No. 1 receiver on the roster, other Eagles wide receivers (like Lewis) could be used where they performed best.

Take Kevin Curtis, for example. He may very well be one of the most underrated wide receivers in the league as a No. 1, but imagine his explosiveness off the edge if he were used in the slot as a third wide receiver—similarly to the Patriots' Wes Welker. No doubt he would excel in that role.

Finally, Boldin would essentially complete the Eagles' wide receiver corps. Imagine Anquan Boldin at No. 1, Reggie Brown at No. 2, and Kevin Curtis at No. 3.

That's an excellent wide receiver corps right there.

But there is one more factor in the equation—Donovan McNabb. Go back to 2004, when McNabb set those passing records with T.O. as the Eagles went to the Super Bowl. Now imagine Donovan McNabb with that Boldin et al at his disposal. Get my drift?

For now, all we Eagles fans can do is hope. 


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