TNA Lockdown 2011: Breaking Down the Lethal Lockdown Match, Who Will Win?

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 9, 2011

TNA Lockdown 2011: Breaking Down the Lethal Lockdown Match, Who Will Win?

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    TNA Lockdown is coming quickly. All the matches have been announced and I can not wait! 

    This year's classic, the Lethal Lockdown is pitting Fortune versus Immortal's Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy and Abyss.

    Last iMPACT! Daniels enlisted to help Fortune and inserted himself into this match.

    I've been wondering about the outcome of this match. Will Fortune win? Or is Immortal truly immortal?

    I'm going to breakdown this year's Lethal Lockdown match based solely on past wrestler's experience in the given match.

Ric Flair

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    What does "Nature Boy" Ric Flair bring into the Lethal Lockdown match?

    His nickname is "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" for a reason. Flair will bring all the cheap shots and/or dirty tricks Immortal can use in their favor.

    Flair has been around the block. He's had his fair share of matches in TNA and if there's one thing I learned from those matches it is: Ric Flair isn't afraid of blood.

    Almost every time Nature Boy is in a match or fight, he gets busted open.

    Flair will bleed at Lockdown.

    He has no past experience in Lethal Lockdown matches and could be a wild card due to his dirty tactics.  

Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy, "the new guy" in TNA. He debuted in the company at Genesis 2011 in January.

    He has no past experience in a Lethal Lockdown match and I don't know what to expect from him on April 17.

    Matt's had some wins against some big names in TNA. AJ Styles, RVD, Mr. Anderson, et cetera. The thing I noticed is, Matt lost at the last two pay-per-views.

    Hardy debuted at Genesis, defeating RVD. At Against All Odds, Hardy lost to RVD. Most recently, Matt Hardy was defeated by AJ Styles at Victory Road.

    Can Matt break his pay-per-view loss streak come Lockdown?

Bully Ray

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    Bully Ray has competed in some Lethal Lockdown matches. Two to be exact. This April 17 will be Bully Ray's third Lethal Lockdown. He competed at Lockdown 2008 and No Surrender 2009.

    Ray's record stands at one and one. Losing at Lockdown and winning at No Surrender.

    Besides that huge chain, what will Bully Ray bring to the Lethal Lockdown?

    His intensity. His anger. His "bully" attitude. Bully Ray likes to hurt people. This match is perfect for that. Either Bully Ray or Abyss will lead the team on an offensive onslaught.

    Bully Ray might be the winning factor for his team.


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    "The Monster" has two Lethal Lockdown matches under his belt. Lockdown 2007 and 2010. His record in this match is also one and one. He lost in 2007 but won in 2010 as captain of Team Hogan.

    I always thought Abyss had more Lethal Lockdown matches than just two.

    What's Abyss going to bring on April 17?

    We are talking about "The Monster" right? He destroyed Fortune's own James Storm, Robert Roode and Kazarian in his return from injury last month.

    I think Abyss will take some bumps this year. Chair shots, trash cans, anything that hangs from a cage. Hopefully, Abyss brings his good old bag of tacks.

    Abyss is a fricken monster. Bully Ray and Flair are the brains of the team and Abyss is the muscle. It's going to take more than one guy from Fortune to keep this monster down.


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    Kazarian made one appearance in a Lethal Lockdown match. It was in a losing effort. The match had Fortune vs. EV2.

    It should be interesting to watch how Kazarian uses the steel structure to his advantage. He pulled off great spots in his Ultimate X match at Victory Road, just imagine him in a cage with seven other guys. It should be good.

    Kazarian will bring his X Division, high flying, daredevil style into the Lethal Lockdown. He will make use of the cage to its fullest potential. He'll be jumping off the walls and other crazy stuff.

    During these Lethal Lockdown matches some participants always climb to the top of the structure and stumble upon a ladder and a table. You know where I'm going with this? I think Kazarian will be that guy to find that ladder and table up there.

    This isn't a damn picnic on top of the cage! Someone is bound to be slammed through that table. It happens every year.

    Kazarian can be silent but deadly with his athletic abilities in the Lethal Lockdown. I'd watch out for him.


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    Hot off his TNA in-ring return, Daniels.

    "The Fallen Angel" has once again ascended onto the horizon in TNA. His huge surprise return to help Fortune as he single handedly took a leap of faith off the top off a cage, crushing Immortal members below is what stirred the pot even more.

    Daniels had his actual in-ring return match against Bully Ray on the latest edition of iMPACT! Daniels had the match won, after a BME (Best Moonsault Ever) to Bully Ray but Fortune and Immortal started a ruckus outside the ring, grabbing Daniels' attention.

    While the referee was trying to ensure justice, Hulk Hogan delivered a knockout blow to Daniels using Bully Ray's chain. Welcome back Daniels, right?

    Daniels and Kazarian should be very entertaining to watch in a match such as a Lethal Lockdown. The things they can do in that cage are thought of being unreal.

    This would be Daniels' second Lethal Lockdown (he was part of Team Jarrett's winning team in '09).

Robert Roode

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    This will be Roode's third appearance in a Lethal Lockdown match. His first was at No Surrender 2009 and most recently, last year as part of Ric Flair's losing team.

    Roode is one hell of a competitor. What'll he bring on April 17?

    He might be the strongest member of Fortune, but together he and Storm are almost unstoppable. They are the greatest tag team in the world today.

    Roode is serious, he's the real deal, he doesn't beat around the bush. It's rarely fun and games with Robert Roode. He is straight to business and his business at Lockdown is kicking ass.

    One thing I want to see by Roode is his tremendous Double R Spinebuster.

James Storm

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    "Cowboy" James Storm is the most experienced man in this match when it comes to the Lethal Lockdown. He competed in four Lethal Lockdown matches in his career. Storm was in four Lockdown matches, losing in 2006, 2008 and twice 2010. His team won in 2009.

    James Storm is one badass. We all seen the countless beer bottles he shatters over his opponents head. He is no stranger to tag team gold either. He was part of two of TNA's greatest tag teams. America's Most Wanted and currently, Beer Money Inc.

    What should we expect from James Storm?

    His vintage beer bottle for sure. His "cowboy" attitude and sheer intensity. I hope to see a Last Call super kick and a DWI with partner Roode. 

Who Has the Advantage?

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    Ric Flair: zero past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Matt Hardy: zero past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Bully Ray: two past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Abyss: two past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Combined: Four past Lethal Lockdown matches.




    Kazarian: one past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Daniels: one past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Robert Roode: two past Lethal Lockdown match.

    James Storm: four past Lethal Lockdown matches.

    Combined: Eight past Lethal Lockdown matches.


    Advantage: Fortune


    I gave Fortune the edge over Immortal for three reasons. 


    1.) Fortune members have more experience in this setting


    The numbers don't lie. Fortune members have had more past experience in Lethal Lockdown matches. Five compared to four. 

    Immortal has two members who have never wrestled such a match and may weigh down their odds of victory. Every member of Fortune has Lethal Lockdown experience. Kazarian maybe has the most cage match experience out of all his teammates.

    Kazarian proved his cage match experience several times. He and Eric Young, known as Super Eric at the time, defeated five teams in an elimination tag team match. 

    Kazarian also defeated Homicide and Shannon Moore in a three way X Division title match at Lockdown last year.

    To top it all off, Kazarian won a free for all TerrorDome match against nine other competitors.


    2.) Fortune is in their primes


    When you see the match on paper, who is the clear winner?


    They are in their prime, top competitors in TNA. Beer Money is the TNA Tag Team Champions. Kazarian is the X Division Champion and Daniels hasn't even had two matches yet.

    Fortune wants to rid TNA of Immortal and Hogan and Bischoff? I believe they would only be scratching the surface of their goal if they were to defeat Immortal at Lockdown.

    Right now, Immortal is more worried about Sting, RVD, Anderson and the World title. Bischoff and Hogan haven't taken noticed of Fortune since February 3rd when "THEY" were revealed.

    By beating Immortal at Lockdown, Fortune will definitely grab Hogan and Bischoff's attention.


    3.) They are awesome!


    From the logo to the t-shirt to the entrance to the name to the theme song. Awesome. (I'm wearing a Fortune t-shirt right now).