Not In the Cards For Kurt Warner

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 2, 2008

Last season the Philadelphia Eagles broke out their ugly, old, ugly throwback uniforms from yesteryear for their game against the Detroit Lions.  That day they put up 56 points on the scoreboard.  This past Sunday, the Jets played in their throwback uniforms from when they were known as the New York Titans in the old AFL, and put up 56 points on the scoreboard against the Arizona Cardinals.  Perhaps all teams should now scramble back into their archives and find previously used jerseys.

At first, I thought the Jets, or excuse me, the Titans, were wearing the jerseys to make Brett Favre more comfortable by wearing the types of uniforms worn when he first started playing 50 years ago.

Now the Cardinals and Jets are in separate conferences and only play each other once every four years.  So I was quite surprised witnessing all the pushing, shoving, and general hatred between the two.  These guys don't even know each other and most likely don't even recognize the jerseys (well in the Jets case, maybe that was a good thing).  But there were so many personal foul penalties on both teams that you'd think they were divisional foes.

The Cardinals came into this game having not gone back to Arizona after their game in Washington.  That seemed to affect Kurt Warner's play.  Being away from his ugly wife for so long and being surrounded by so many beautiful women in New York he probably lost his bearings.  He wore gloves on his hands so he could better grip the ball.  But after his four fumbles and two interceptions, maybe he should apply some of that old Fred Biletnikoff stick 'em as well.

Warner fumbled on his team's first possession but running back Edgerrin James recovered it for a huge loss.  Warner must not have been happy keeping the ball since he threw an interception the next play.

The Jets began to beat up on the Cards, building a 34-0 halftime lead.  But this was mostly due to Warner's miscues that resulted in six personal turnovers.

As the second half began, Edgerrin James was given the opportunity to score two goal line touchdowns, his first two of the year.  When given the chance for the hat trick, he was removed from the lineup for back Tim Hightower to get the score.  Kind of like how Mike Ditka put "Refrigerator" Perry in to score a one yard touchdown instead of starter Walter Payton in Super Bowl 20.  Perhaps coach Ken Whisenhunt had Hightower on his fantasy team.

Although the game was put out of reach, the highlights kept coming.  On the Jets final touchdown instead of simply going for the extra point, they applied their hatred towards a two point conversion.  Wow.  Now that was Bill Belichick cold.