The NFL's Quarter Point Power Rankings

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

The NFC East is still the dominant division in football, but there a few changes from what most people expected at this point in the season.

So let's see how it's played out after four weeks of football.

1. New York Giants—A bye week helps for some, even without Burress.  

2. Washington Redskins—This team is on an uphill climb, and they haven't even played a complete game yet.  

3. Tennessee Titans—This defense makes things happen, if Collins can stay mistake free, there's no tellin' how good they are.

4. Dallas Cowboys—The Redskins are a better TEAM, but they still have an incredible collection of talent. It won't take much to get back to the top.

5. Buffalo Bills—Finally faced with some adversity, and boy did they respond.

6. Philadelphia Eagles—Defense wins championships, but Westbrook wins for the Eagles, McNabb looks very average without him on the field.  

7. Pittsburgh Steelers—Pulling out a win against the Ravens doesn't make this team all that much better than last week.

8. Green Bay Packers
—Rodgers looked not just mortal, but average against a Cowboys' defense and then got beat up against Carolina, it could be the beginning of the end  

9. Denver Broncos—I knew this defense was going to be a problem, I just didn't think it would happen against the Chiefs. The defense is more "bad" than the offense is "good".

10. New Orleans Saints
—With perhaps the best quarterback in the league, this team could be very good if they could just find some defense.  

11. Indianapolis Colts
—Is it possible to find a defense in the bye week?  

12. San Diego Chargers—Took way too much effort to beat Oakland.  

13. Carolina Panthers
—On the way up, but are they for real?  

14. New England Patriots—A bye week didn't fix Cassel.  

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Big time win over the Pack, but I still don't think they can beat a really good team.  

16. Chicago Bears—Found some offense against the Eagles, big time win for a franchise trying to find itself again.

17. Arizona Cardinals—Last week I was if they were ANY good or not? Answer: not on defense.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars
—WooHoo! They beat one of the worst teams in football, MOVIN' ON UHUP! If they get healthy, they'll be back in it in a heartbeat.

19. Minnesota Vikings—This team still needs a quarterback.  

20. New York Jets—I guess Favre didn't need to stay retired, he just needed to play the Cards!   

21. Atlanta Falcons—Keep working the simple formula, and you never know how many wins this team could finish with.

22. Baltimore Ravens—Man, this defense can be scary at times, but they don't handle a good smack in the mouth too well do they?

23. San Francisco 49ers—Last week I was asking: O'Sullivan? Really?  And I got an answer, NO NOT REALLY!  

24. Miami Dolphins—Maybe they found a High School offensive coordinator to bring in new plays this week.   

25. Seattle Seahawks—Ummm...I STILL dunno if they can fix this or not.

26. Cincinnati Bengals—If Palmer can't play, this drop will get worse.  

27. Kansas City Chiefs
—Well they found some defense against an offense I would have never guessed would be the victim, but they still aren't very good, although LJ, is still LJ.

28. Cleveland Browns—Yeah, they won one, but it's still time for the Mighty Quinn!

29. Oakland Raiders—Now that Kiffin is gone, this could be the last week these guy's ranking number doesn't start with "3" in front.

30. Houston Texans—Put up a good fight, but they just can't find the right mix on both sides of the ball.

31. Detroit Lions—Now that Millen really is gone, it's all good from here. NOT!

32. St. Louis Rams—Last week I asked: it really can't get much worse, right? Well, I got an answer, and it was YES, it can get worse.

If anyone has any REAL disputes on my thoughts, I wanna see it.


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