Come On Dallas Haters! Romo Doesn't Care!

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 1, 2008

I have been an analyst in my articles. I pride myself on having four fans, who are reasonable, logical, and very smart men. Anyone who reads my profile will know that I intend to be an NFL analyst.

I want to be the next Ray Didinger, whom I think is probably the greatest analyst ever. He is in the Sportswriters Hall of Fame.

But James Williamson is a human, too. And James Williamson wants to put the analyst in silence to show the fan in him.

I'm a fan of the COWBOYS, and I like it!

I despise fans that are: poor losers, insulting, biased to a fault, and just plain rude.

I have trash talked before, and it makes me sick that I would go to that level. I'm a debater, not a crude sailor with a mouth that could use two or three bars of soap.

Read this article right now. I just challenged you. Yes, I mean you, sir. I challenge the person that would say that Tony Romo is an overrated quarterback, or calls the boys girls, or who would be happy if Terrell Owens broke his leg.

I challenge you to tell me why the Cowboys stink.

I challenge all of you!!!!!!!

Put the stats where you put your insults. Tell me why the five-time Super Bowl winning Cowboys are pathetic—or whatever adjectives you use.

I want clean arguments with substance, not some boorish language wrapped in a Neanderthal opinion.

Argue the facts and not some vulgar vocabulary. All you Redskins that hate us! All you Eagles, too! All you Steelers and all you Giants or 49ers! Come out and show yourself. Tell James Williamson why America's Team is unworthy of your respect.

Now, all you other team fans that may hate, dislike, or think nothing of the Cowboys, but still respect their work, commitment, and their dedication and their competitiveness, I salute you and this is not aimed at you. I respect you, and I respect your teams.

I may not like Donovan McNabb, but I will say he is a fine quarterback. I may not like Eli Manning beating us in the playoffs, but I rooted for them in the Super Bowl, and I was happy they won.

The only Redskins I really hate were the players that wanted to hurt Roger Staubach and George Allen. The only Eagle I really hated was Buddy Ryan, and that was because he was a disrespectful jerk to Mike Ditka in Chicago among other things. But I like Joe Gibbs and Dick Vermeil.

I'm sick of these "haters," so I challenge you to prove me wrong about the facts. Tell me why Dallas as a franchise is bad. I challenge you.

I call out all the bandwagon Cowboy fans that jump off when we lose a game. You aren’t Cowboys; you are lemmings that follow anyone who wins. I was a fan when they had three consecutive seasons of 5-11. Where were you?

I ask all true blue fans to join me in refuting these insults to the Cowboys. I can do it myself, but I want help.

Do any of you realize that Romo doesn't even care? He doesn't pay attention to the garbage you churn about him. You can thank former Giants coach Bill Parcells for that. He gave Tony Romo a list of quarterback commandments, and Romo keeps them in his locker. No. 1 commandment is "Ignore other opinions," and that is what he does.

I read an article saying Romo is overrated, and I see all these people agreeing. Please! Are you all jealous, ignorant, lying to yourselves, or just plain incompetent?

C’mon prove me wrong. I'll show you James Williamson the analyst, the fan, and the debater.

Cause I'll take you on. Point for point, comment for comment, and stat for stat.

I'm waiting.