NFL Power Rankings 1-10 Through Week 4

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst ISeptember 30, 2008

 After a wild week 4 of the NFL season we saw two coaches get axed, one save his job it seems (Herm Edwards) and the NFC East show that they are the conference to beat this year. With all that said, here are the top 10 teams going into week 5 as I see it....


 1. New York Giants (3-0)

 As long as the Giants are undefeated and continue to play the way they have been playing on both sides of the ball, they will remain in the #1 spot on the list. They are the reigning Super Bowl champs still in case you all forgot. Is little Manning beginning to surpass big bro Manning?

2. Tennessee Titans (4-0)

So they don't really have a quarterback that is worth a start on your fantasy team, but what they do have is a reliable veteran that has been to the Super Bowl before and he knows how to manage a game. For how ugly the Titans offense is, other then Chris Johnson, the defense makes up for it with players that aren't shy to step up and make a big hit or even just deflect a pass.

3. Buffalo Bills (4-0)

Marshawn Lynch is really that good and Trent Edwards really does manage a game well, that Stanford degree must help with his management skills. Buffalo also has an inspired defense that can make big plays when needed. With the Pats losing Brady the AFC East looks to be Buffalo's decision this year.

4. Washington Redskins (3-1)

QB Jason Campbell looked like a proven veteran vs. Dallas this past week and his play overall this season is definitely something to take notice of for all you fantasy football players. Even without Jason Taylor this defense is very tough and can turn up the pressure when they want to. Opposing QB's look out, if Tony Romo couldn't find a rhythm at all during the game minus a few plays here and there then the average QB is in a lot of trouble.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)

It was nice to see Matt Bryant able to play this week and even kick the game winning points for the Buccaneers before a late TD by the Bucs. It's players like Matt Bryant that can play under adversity no matter what position that brings a team closer and makes them play harder. Also, does Derrick Brooks look like the reincarnated version of his younger self when he used to team up with Warren Sapp in the old days?

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)

So now they have lost their top two running backs, Mendenhall for the season and Parker for an extended period of time. Is Franco Harris still mobile enough to make a few carries for this team? They have won ugly so far this season but that should be straightened out as the season moves forward.

7. Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

So the loss this past week to Washington at home definitely set the team back a bit, and definitely didn't make TO happy at all. Whats up with Felix Jones being basically a no show this game? No carries, if Dallas expects to go places they need him to be big as a backup to Barber. Witten is a beast though and is arguably the best Tight End in football right now.

8. Carolina Panthers (3-1)

Delhomme looks good and Steve Smith hasn't missed a beat, this Panthers team is starting to click on all cylinders. Even Mushin Muhammad had a huge game, he is the sleeper in all of this on offense. Look out for Carolina going forward.

9. San Diego Chargers (2-2)

It was nice to see LT finally breakout for a huge game, YPC wise. Rivers looked bad but the defense played great shutdown ball in the 2nd half and eventually is the team that sent Lane Kiffin packing from Oakland. San Diego hasn't played up to expectations yet but I have a hunch they will start to from the Oakland game on out. Even though they don't lead their own division they are ahead of Denver because of Denver's bad loss to KC this past week and the fact that if not for a phantom call, would've beaten Denver.

10. Denver Broncos (3-1)

Their loss to KC this past week was definitely a surprise, but somebody who is also a pleasant surprise for the Broncos is rookie Wide-out Eddie Royal, he has been a great contribution to the Broncos this year as well as fantasy owners who snatched him up off of waivers.