What the heck! Week 4 upsets.

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2008

Upsets are not rare in football. They happen more often than one thinks. They happen because games are won on a football field and not on statistician's papers. However in week 4 of the NFL's season there were more upsets than one would think would happen.

Cowboys lose to the Redskins: I had no idea that the Redskins had gotten this better. Statistically, a first-year head coach like Jim Zorn should not even be this successful. And I'm not talking just a first-year head coach for a new team, I talking first-year head coach period. He has turned the Redskins into a much better team than they were last year. This makes the four teams of the NFC East the best in the NFC probably. They have not turned the ball over once, and and have taken it away seven times. This is a dangerous team cause they keep the ball. Dallas should not let the score deceive them. It may have been 26-24, but Dallas was brutalized.

Oakland loses to San Diego: I'm calling it a 4th quarter upset. Oakland for the second consecutive week blew a fourth quarter lead. They let Tomlinson run for 75 yards and two touchdowns in the last quarter. In the 4th quarter San Diego scored 25 points to Oakland's 3 to seal the game 28-18. This game, I believe, is Lane Kiffin's last one as a head coach. If you can't close a game like that then you need to at least be demoted.

Philadelphia loses to Chicago: I thought Chicago would win, but since NFL analysts called it an upset then I'll call it one too. Chicago had an offense to go with its powerful defense and they brought the flying Eagles to earth. Kyle Orton showed some passing skills instead of relying solely on the running game. Kudos to Chicago and Lovie Smith for their 24-20 victory!

Green Bay loses to Tampa Bay: In the battle of the bays, Tampa stayed strong, especially their kicker, who lost his son earlier this week. Matt Bryant kicked three field goals and three extra points in the 30-21 victory. Aaron Rodgers was just beaten by an old defense and the cusser coach aka Jon Gruden. I was very impressed with Tampa's defense. I picked them off waivers and can't figure out whether to start them or San Diego's. I'll take advice.

New York Jets beat Arizona Cardinals: Favre was amazing in his performance Sunday. Six passing touchdowns is hard to think about let alone do. Steve Young did it in a Super Bowl, but that is the only guy I can think of right now. Its an upset because of how badly Arizona lost. The Jets were ahead 34-0 before Arizona scored. I think now that Jets head coach Eric Mangini is using Favre as the weapon he is, this team will destroy New England next time. Arizona's defense couldn't stop them. 56-35.

Last but not least, Kansas City Chiefs knock off the Denver Broncos: What the heck! I though Kansas stunk worse than the Dolphins for crying out loud. They lose to the Patriots, who didn't have Brady, and now they beat the Broncos? What is going on here? I'm putting this one in my memoirs. This was the most amazing upset in my opinion. I thought the Chiefs would go on that field and would get trampled. I was wrong on my metaphor this time, they went out there and rode those Broncos to a 33-19 victory. Scoring 17 in the 4th quarter put the nail in the Broncos coffins as the Chiefs secure their first victory. Kansas showed they are not the worst in the league, at least for now anyway. Congratulations Herm Edwards.

One near upset was Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh. Luckily for Steelers fans, the Raven coach didn''t challenge the incomplete pass to Mason in the endzone. That was a touchdown and it would have been a different story. 23-20 in OT for the Steelers.