20 Great Quotes From...Cricket: Part 11

Barney Corkhill@@BarneyCorkhillSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2008

Barney Corkhill's Great Quotes series continues to look at cricket. In this series I will be looking at some of the very best quotes to have been uttered in various sports.

The quotes aren't just from players, coaches and commentators, but anyone who has ever said a good quote to do with the chosen sport! Some are intentional, some aren't, I'll leave you to make your own mind up!

So, without further adieu, lets look at the next 20 great quotes from Cricket! Enjoy!


"My main aim as far as practice went was to turn up on time in order to avoid another fine from the management" - Phil Tufnell

"I've done the elephant, I've done the poverty - I might as well go home" - Phil Tufnell on a tour in India

"My knee is fine, but my neck hurts from watching all the sixes hit by Australia" - Michael Vaughan at the 2007 Twenty20 series

"Richie Benaud eyes the camera with the look of a disdainful lizard" - Brian Viner

"It is important for Pakistan to take wickets if they are going to make inroads into this Australian batting line-up" - Max Walker

"He has got perfect control over the ball right up to the minute he lets it go" - Peter Walker

"With the possible exception of Rolf Harris, no other Australian has inflicted more pain and grief on Englishmen since Don Bradman" - Mike Walters on Steve Waugh's retirement

"We slept under the stars in sleeping bags - it was wonderful getting bitten by the mozzies - I'm still covered in bites. We went orienteering in the middle of the night with six-foot kangaroos jumping around. It was just a wonderful time! - Shane Warne on coach John Buchanan's 'Boot Camp' (he's being sarcastic)

"I'm a big believer that the coach is something you travel in to get to and from the game" - Shane Warne with another dig at John Buchanan

"And we have just heard, although this is not the latest score from Bournemouth, that Hampshire have beaten Nottinghamshire by nine wickets" - Peter West

"So dull is he, that tapes of the Willis delivery should be sold in Mothercare as a sleeping aid for fractious toddlers" - Jim White on Bob Willis' style of commentary

"Kevin Pietersen would be deemed brash by a Texan assertiveness coach" - Simon Wilde

"I guess some guys are just naturally built for comfort rather than cricket" - Bob Willis on Robert Key

"Steve Bucknor has completely lost the plot. He should take his pension back and sail off to the sunset" - Bob Willis

"I was once offered a Foster's from someone over the fence, but it was warmer and frothier than a Foster's" - Bob Willis

"Go on Hedley, you've got him in two minds, he doesn't know whether to hit you for four or six" - Arthur Wood to Hedley Verity


Glenn McGrath - "Why are you so fat?"

Eddo Brandes ( Zimbabwean batsman ) - "Your wife gives me a biscuit every time I f*** her"

(courtesy of Illya McLellan)


"Most teams you know, only the next player to bat puts the pads on. With Zimbabwe, everyone puts pads on!" - Zimbabwe supporter


(Greg Thomas beats Viv Richards on the outside edge a couple of times)

Greg Thomas -  "It's red, round and weighs about five ounces if you're wondering"

(Richards hits him for six, out of the ground and into a river the very next ball)

Viv Richards - "Greg, you know what it looks like. Now go and find it"*


"Hell, [Mike Gatting] Gatt, move out the way, I can't see the wickets" - Dennis Lillee after stopping in mid run-up to bowl to Mike Gatting



* = Barney's quote of the day


So there you have your next 20 Great Quotes from cricket! Tune in again tomorrow for another 20!

Do you have a favourite? Let us know which one!


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