20 Great Quotes From...Cricket: Part Eight

Barney CorkhillSenior Writer ISeptember 26, 2008

Barney Corkhill's Great Quotes series continues to look at cricket. In this series I will be looking at some of the very best quotes to have been uttered in various sports.

The quotes aren't just from players, coaches and commentators, but anyone who has ever said a good quote to do with the chosen sport! Some are intentional, some aren't, I'll leave you to make your own mind up!

So, without further adieu, lets look at the next 20 great quotes from Cricket! Enjoy!


"Geoffrey [Boycott] is the only fellow I've ever met who fell in love with himself at a young age and has remained faithful ever since" - Dennis Lillee

"They've got to swing like a 70s disco to get anywhere near from here" - David Lloyd on an Essex twenty20 run chase

"If this bloke's a Test match bowler, then my backside is a fire engine" - David Lloyd on first seeing Nathan Astle

"What do I think of the reverse sweep? It's like Manchester United getting a penalty and Bryan Robson taking it with his head" - David Lloyd

"England have nothing to lose here, apart from this Test match" - David Lloyd

"She was a lovely lady and quite ample. In fact, Muttiah Muralitharan would have had plenty of room to sign his name" - David Lloyd, asked to sign a woman's cleavage


Ian Botham: "Where were you last night?"

David Lloyd: "An oyster bar - apparently it puts lead in your pencil. I don't know about that. I think it only matters if you have got someone to write to"


"It was rather a pity Ellis got run out at 1107, because I was just striking a length" - Arthur Mailey, who took 4-362 during Victoria's record score

"The enigma with no variation" - Vic Marks on Chris Lewis

"So how's your wife and my kids?" - Rod Marsh, Australian wicket-keeper, welcoming Ian Botham to the crease*

"And we don't need a calculator to tell us that the required run-rate is 4.5454 per over" - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

"Gul has another ball in his hand and bowls to Bell who has two" - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

"It's a perfect day here in Australia, glorious blue sunshine" - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

"If you go in with two fast bowlers and one breaks down, you're left two short" - Bob Massie

"This game will be over anytime from now" - Alan McGilvray

"I've seen batting all over the world. And in other countries too" - Keith Miller

"I'm confident they play the game in haven. Wouldn't be heaven otherwise would it?" - Patrick Moore

"[Geoffrey] Boycott, somewhat a creature of habit, likes exactly the sort of food he himself prefers" - Don Mosey

"Well, everyone is enjoying this except Vic Marks, and I think he's enjoying himself" - Don Mosey

"I suppose I can gain some consolation from the fact that my name will be permanently in the record books" - Malcolm Nash after being hit for six sixes in an over by Gary Sobers in 1968


* = Barney's quote of the day


So there you have your next 20 Great Quotes from cricket! Tune in again tomorrow for another 20!

Do you have a favourite? Let us know which one!


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