20 Great Quotes From...Cricket: Part Four

Barney Corkhill@@BarneyCorkhillSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2008

Barney Corkhill's Great Quotes series continues to look at cricket. In this series I will be looking at some of the very best quotes to have been uttered in various sports.

The quotes aren't just from players, coaches and commentators, but anyone who has ever said a good quote to do with the chosen sport! Some are intentional, some aren't, I'll leave you to make your own mind up!

So, without further adieu, lets look at the next 20 great quotes from Cricket! Enjoy!


"Too high?! If the ball had hit his head it would have hit the bloody wickets!" - Alan Brown, denied an LBW appeal against 5ft 3in Harry Pilling

"We had one or two disagreements but once he realised that he was wrong and I was right we moved on" - Surrey coach Alan Butcher on working with son Mark

"I am more inclined to believe that the Pope is guilty of multiple bigamy than to believe Hansie [Cronje] is guilty of being involved in bribery and corruption" - Caller to a South African radio show

"I once delivered a simple ball, which I was told, had it gone far enough, would have been considered a wide" - Lewis Carroll

"I can't really say I'm batting badly. I'm not batting long enough to be batting badly" - Greg Chappell

"The other advantage England have got when Phil Tufnell is bowling is that he isn't fielding" - Ian Chappell

"In my day 58 beers between London and Sydney would have virtually classified you as a teetotaller" - Ian Chappell, after batsman David Boon drank 58 cans of beer on the flight from Australia to England

"It's tough for a natural hooker to give it up" - Ian Chappell

"Three bad days does not mean you're a bad team overnight" - Paul Collingwood


David Gower: "Do you want Gatt [Mike Gatting] a foot wider?"

Chris Cowdrey: "No, he'd burst!"


"The Queen's Park Oval, exactly as its name suggests—absolutely round" - Tony Cozier

"Now Botham, with a chance to put everything that's gone before behind him" - Tony Cozier

"Angus Fraser's bowling is like shooting down F-16 aeroplanes with sling shots. Even if they hit, no damage would be done. Like an old horse, he should be put out to pasture" - Colin Croft

"The ball came back, literally cutting Graham Thorpe in half" - Colin Croft

"Who could forget Malcolm Devon?" - Ted Dexter, completely forgetting Devon Malcolm

"Oh God! If there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain" - Alec Douglas-Home*

"I can't bat, can't bowl and can't field these days. I've every chance of being picked for England" - Ray East

"It's difficult being more laid back than David Gower without actually being comatose" - Frances Edmonds

"Ian Botham is in no way inhibited by a capacity to over-intellectualise" - Frances Edmonds

"He's got a reputation for being awkward and arrogant, probably because he is awkward and arrogant" - Frances Edmonds on husband Phil


* = Barney's quote of the day


So there you have your next 20 Great Quotes from cricket! Tune in again tomorrow for another 20!


Do you have a favourite? Let us know which one!


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