This Week's Biggest NFL Winners and Losers

Chris CastellanosContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

After four weeks of the 2008 season, some expected players have made a statement. It doesn't matter where you were drafted from and what team you went to. It doesn't even matter if you are a rookie or a veteran. Here's a list of my week four picks for biggest winners and losers.

Top Five Winners

1.Muhsin Muhammad - Returning to the Panthers seems to have saved his career. Last year, the Bears rarely used Muhammad which is surprising with the numbers he has put up in the past.

In 16 games last year with the Bears, Muhammad caught 40 passes for a mere 570 yards and three TDs. After this years first four games Muhammad already has 22 receptions for 287 yards with his first touchdown coming this past week. Keep an eye on him in the future as he will become one of Delhomme's favorite receivers.

2.Larry Johnson - What can you say? Even though his Week Two performance was sub-par, he is still averaging over 100 yards per game. Week Four was extremely impressive with 198 yards rushing and two TDs. Keep in mind this performance wasn't against the St. Louis Rams but rather the Denver Broncos who held the New Orleans Saints to a mere 98 yards on the ground in Week Three.

3.Drew Brees - Once again Brees showed that with a good offensive line, anything is possible. Brees has an average QB rating of 124.0 and despite only being 2-2 on the year has already passed for over 1,300 yards. Although the Saints have possibly the best passing offense, if the ground game doesn't come around and the defense doesn't step it up, they will be lucky to have a winning season.

4.Brett Favre - The old man showed he still has some left! While the play calling was a little too aggressive from Mangini it worked beautifully. Going for it three times on fourth down takes guts and Favre definitely has them. Favre didn't put any career numbers up for yards, completions, or interceptions but with six TD passes who cares about the rest?

5.Laveranues Coles - On the receiving end of three of Favre's TDs was this guy. Coles hasn't had much to contribute to the Jets offense until now. With only 13.9 yards per catch in the first three weeks and only 11 receptions in those games, the season wasn't looking to good for Coles. Coles more than made up for it in Week Four with eight receptions for 105 yards. Oh yeah, did I mention he had three TDs? 

Other notables: Lance Moore (NO Saints), Santana Moss (Wsh Redskins), Earnest Graham (TB Buccaneers), Greg Jennings (GB Packers)

Top 5 Losers

1.Darren McFadden - The hype that surrounded McFadden in the Draft was used up in the Week Two explosion where he carried the ball 21 times for 164 yards and a TD. What has he done since? Nothing! McFadden has yet to break 50 yards in his last two games and it seems as if even the Raiders have given up on him turning to Bush for most of the carries.

2.Reggie Bush - While Bush is normally an explosion on the field (both behind the QB and in the flats), Bush only had 31 yards on 10 rushes and five receptions for seven yards. Not the Reggie Bush everyone is used to seeing, especially in the Superdome.

Maybe that is why the Saints returned Duece McCallister to the backfield. With Bush in the backfield, the Saints with their high octane offense are ranked 26th in rushing in the NFL. Duece nearly meet the Saints rushing average in his first game back since tearing his ACL last year. The Saints, as well as the fans, are happy to have Duece back.

3.Kurt Warner - Too little, too late. While Warner passed for over 400 yards, it doesn't make up for the four fumbles, three interceptions, and five sacks. I'm not trying to knock the man down for 40 completions and two TDs but Kurt, hold onto the ball and learn to scramble. If the Cardinals stay on this pace, the only points that will appear on the score board will be those from the other teams defense.

4.Marion Barber - What happened? Only eight touches for 26 yards. Barber is a beast. You give him the ball and he will run defenses over. In each of the first three weeks, Barber had at least 16 carries and even though the yards don't show it, he has five TDs on the season. Coach...give him the ball or were you paid off? It doesn't add up.

5.Tony Scheffler - A key part of the Broncos offense who wasn't utilized in Week Four. Scheffler proved in weeks two and three that he can be a weapon who can produce when needed the most. Did Cutler and Scheffler have a falling out over the week? Get it together or more losses will be on the way.

Others: Ryan Grant (GB Packers), Ike Hilliard (TB Buccaneers), Derek Anderson (Cle Browns), Chad Cinco Ocho (Cin Bengals)