TNA's Biggest Surprise of the Year: Who Is It?

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2011

TNA's Biggest Surprise of the Year: Who Is It?

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    What'll it be?
    What'll it be?

    TNA has recently advertised a can't miss Impact! event for this Thursday's broadcast.

    This Impact! is guaranteed to be the shocker of the year!

    What is it? Who is it? Is it even a person?

    Will this "Shocker of the Year" live up to its hype?

    Here are the top 10 people who I think will most likely be behind this "Shock of the Year!" The slideshow goes from least likely to most likely. Just stick with me!

    Who knows? It might not even be a person returning or debuting! It could be anything.

Hulk Hogan

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    First off and least likely, Hulk Hogan.

    He is clearly not the "Shock of the Year" because TNA has been hyping his return for Mar. 3. Not this Thursday night.

    What else does old Hulk have left to offer as "Shock of the Year" material?

    There is really nothing else to be said.


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    "The Hardcore Knockout" Roxxi. 

    There is a good chance that she will be part of this Thursday's Impact! but it's highly doubtful she is what TNA is calling "Shock of the Year."

    Madison Rayne is holding an Open Challenge non-title match to any woman in the world (so she says). Roxxi could return in attempt to get revenge on Madison for banishing her from TNA.


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    Next up, ODB.

    Now rumor has it, ODB was backstage at Impact! tapings a few days ago. Interesting.

    Do I think she is TNA's "Shock of the Year?" No. But it will be a pleasant shock if she was to return and accept Madison's open challenge.

    ODB has been gone from TNA for awhile now and it'll be great to see her back.

    However, I can't picture her being "The Shock of the Year."

Desmond Wolfe

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    Desmond Wolfe will be another pleasant surprise and I'd like him to return, but he still may be injured.

    Backstage reports within TNA say that Wolfe is seen around the Impact! Zone visiting friends but then leaves before showtime.

    Another reason why I doubt Wolfe will be the big surprise is because of his medical condition. He has been out of action for a long time.

    I don't see Wolfe being the "Shock of the Year" but someone else. Someone "bigger" and I'm not talking about this next guy.


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    A return of the TNA TV Champion "The Monster" Abyss is upon us. I believe Abyss will return this week during the Crimson vs. Magnus match (I was really looking forward to that match, but I see Abyss ruining it for me).

    Abyss will return to get revenge on Crimson for stabbing him with Janice. If not this week, then next week.

    Abyss would come as a shock to some people but he won't make a "Shock of the Year" moment.

    I see his old rival and friend be the shock of the year. You'll see who soon.


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    This would be great. Christopher Daniels return to TNA. 

    As much as I wish this would happen, it won't. Daniels won't return yet. He is the reigning ROH TV Champion. He is still under contract with ROH.

    He did return on Impact! a few weeks ago, but under the masked gimmick, Suicide.

    I would want Daniels to return and join Immortal and feud with Fortune's AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sadly, it won't happen.


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    Yes, former WWE Champion, "The Animal" Batista made my list.

    Batista quit WWE last year because it wasn't the same company he had fallen in love with. Or something along those lines.

    If Batista doesn't love WWE anymore, why doesn't he try out TNA?

    I doubt Batista will be the surprise on Impact! If he was I think it would be great. It would definitely qualify as a "Shocker of the Year" in my book.

    However, Batista will not be the "Shocker of the Year" in TNA because he is training for MMA. I believe he is joining Strikeforce. I also believe former WWE and TNA superstar, Bobby Lashley is in Strikeforce. Imagine Batista vs. Lashley in MMA.

    Anyway, I highly doubt "The Animal" will ever join TNA. If MMA doesn't work out for him, I expect him to go straight back to WWE.

Chris Jericho

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    Wow. Am I insane?

    First Batista, now Chris Jericho?

    This is so highly unlikely. It's nearly impossible!

    I believe Chris Jericho will never step foot in a TNA arena let alone a TNA ring.

    Jericho isn't the shock of the year for a couple reasons.

    First, Jericho doesn't like TNA! He always says bad things about it via Twitter.

    Second, he has a good relationship with Vince McMahon. Though not in WWE, his book was still advertised on WWE programming. 

    Finally, I read somewhere that Y2J may join the cast of Dancing With The Stars for their upcoming season.

    Jericho is definitely not joining TNA. Imagine some of the matches they can make if he did join?

    I can dream right?

Paul Heyman

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    TNA has wanted Paul Heyman to join them for a long time. Will he finally join TNA?

    Paul Heyman said he wants full control of TNA for at least five years. He said that sometime over the summer and I don't know if he's still interested in TNA.

    His plan was to build up the roster for a year or two, then advertise TNA more. Try to grow its fan base. Then run with what he's got.

    TNA didn't sign him for the reason of him wanting full control. TNA picked Hogan and Bischoff over Heyman.

    Now Bleachers, was that a good idea? I don't know.

    Will Heyman reveal himself to be TNA's "Shock of the Year?" 


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    Finally. The man who I believe will be TNA's "Shock of the Year."

    "The Icon" Sting.

    Now that Sting's WWE rumors past this Monday, I think Sting will return to TNA.

    Sting vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania will not happen, as Triple H vs. Undertaker seems to be set in stone for right now.

    Last we saw of Sting was him denying the invite to join Bischoff's faction, Immortal. He and Kevin Nash walked away and left Pope to fight for himself.

    This Thursday, Sting will return and help Fortune, Angle, Steiner and Crimson defeat Immortal once and for all.

    Immortal will be in the ring beating down Angle, Anderson and RVD then lights out in the Impact! Zone and cue the music. It's the return of an Icon.

The End

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    These are my guesses at who the surprise will be. The "Shock of the Year" may not be a person, it can be anything!

    Be sure to tune into this Thursday's can't miss TNA Impact! event!

    Here is a preview of this week's Impact!

    What do you Bleachers think of my predictions? What do think the "Shock of the Year" will be?

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