Preview This Thursday's Awesome IMPACT!

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2011

According to there are three scheduled matches for iMPACT! thus far. 

The TNA Knockout Champion, Madison Rayne will host a non-title open challenge. Who will accept this open challenge? Mickie James looking for revenge? Angelina Love looking to regain the Knockout Championship? Or a new TNA knockout? TNA gave three women try-out matches not to long ago. One of those women was Isis The Amazon. The six foot nine woman who was supposed to be on NXT.

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and "The Freak" Rob Terry will have a Posedown. I expect these two to start brawling, making a future match between the two at Victory Road.

AJ Styles vs. Ric Flair! After Flair turned on Fortune turning AJ's match last week, AJ called out "The Nature Boy" to a match! Will Fortune or Immortal interfere?

The main event will be a huge three way match.

RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle!

Now that is not the only thing scheduled for this Thursday's iMPACT! That is only what is said on TNA's website.

Luckily, I have found the full card for this Thursday. Thanks to

Thursday's iMPACT! card is as follows:

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Gunner & Murphy

Magnus vs. Crimson

Posedown: Rob Terry vs. Scott Steiner

AJ Styles vs. Ric Flair

Madison Rayne vs. Mystery opponent

RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle



 I think EY & OJ will job to Gunner & Murphy, making Gunner & Murphy look stronger and tougher, possibly to challenge Beer Money for the tag team titles at Victory Road.

Gunner & Murphy vs. Beer Money sounds good to me! Two powerhouse tag teams in TNA going at it for the TNA tag team titles.

Magnus vs. Crimson should be good. Two of TNA's youngest guys in the ring together. I recently did a slideshow on ten people who I think TNA should push. Both these guys made my slideshow. I think this match could be good and go either way, but I think we might see the return of "The Monster."

I expect the Posedown to end in a brawl. Security pulling these two apart. Their brawl will then make a match between the two at Victory Road.

I think AJ Styles is going to be kicking Flair's ass all over the iMPACT! Zone! Flair might bleed a little, but also might win by outside help from Immortal's Matt Hardy.

I have an idea of who Madison's mystery opponent will be. And I like my idea of it. I'm pretty sure I'm correct and if I am, I'll be so happy! Victory Road will not have Madison vs. Mickie.

Victory Road will have Madison vs. Mystery Opponent for the Knockout Championship, where the mystery opponent will become a two time Knockout Champion!

RVD vs. Anderson vs. Angle sounds like a Pay-Per-View quality match. It's going to be great, as long as Immortal doesn't get involved. I honestly don't know who will win but this match sounds huge!

I can not wait for this Thursday's iMPACT! It sounds like a great one. This iMPACT! will be followed by the March 3rd edition where we will see The Jarrett's renew wedding vows and the return of Hulk Hogan! Sounds like two BIG weeks for TNA. I love it!