New York Giants: To Keep Or Not To Keep, Who The NY Giants Need To Re-Sign

Hunter Konsens@HunterKonsensCorrespondent IIJanuary 25, 2011

New York Giants: To Keep Or Not To Keep, Who The NY Giants Need To Re-Sign

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    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Ahmad BradshawNick Laham/Getty Images

    As a Giants fan, I have become accustomed to barely missing the playoffs and being left with a sour taste in my mouth for the rest of the year.

    However, with the early offseason brings excitement and wonder as the Giants are trying to build a contender to compete for next year.

    I have already written an article about who the Giants should sign out of free agency, but I think that resigning is even more crucial for the Giants. 

    There are many G-Men who had their contracts expired this year, but only a select few will the Giants resign. I am here to tell you about the players that GM Jerry Reese needs to bring back in order to hoist the Lombardi trophy.

D.J. Ware: Let Go

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    D.J. Ware
    D.J. WareJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Lets start off with a "lesser known" player named D.J. Ware. The running back out of Georgia has not been a "key" contributor in the offense, but he has showed flashes of potential.

    Many people, including myself, thought this was the year he was going to break out, but the opportunities have not been presented. He has great speed and vision, plus he can catch fairly well out of the backfield. 

    I don't see the former Georgia Bulldog being resigned by Jerry Reese, and I don't think he would mind a change of scenery, as there are no carries to be found behind Jacobs and Bradshaw.

Mathias Kiwanuka: Let Go

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    Mathias Kiwanuka
    Mathias KiwanukaJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Before I begin, I want to say that Kiwanuka has been a major part of the ferocious pass rush that has dominated the NFL in the latter part of this decade.

    However, his season ending neck injury and the emergence of Jason Pierre-Paul have really made it clear that the G-Men need to move on from Kiwankua.

    This isn't the first major injury for the 6'5" Boston College Eagle, as he fractured his left fibula in 2007. He is, also, going to want a large contract that the Giants are not going to be willing to pay for. 

    In the end I think the Giants are going to stick with the future in Pierre-Paul and save their money for, hopefully, an effective linebacker.

    Another option for Kiwanuka is the Colts, as he grew up in Indianapolis and would be a great fit behind the aging Freeney and Mathis.

Kevin Boss: Let Go

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    Kevin Boss
    Kevin BossAl Bello/Getty Images

    Remember back in 2008, when we thought that Kevin Boss was the answer for the disgruntled and departed Jeremy Shockey?

     I think everybody, including myself, saw the potential that the 6'6" tight end possessed. He was a big option with great hands and vision.

    After his 2010 campaign, however, he does not seem like the same player that we saw back in 2008. He is slow off the line and seems to have developed a habit in dropping balls. 

    I don't see the Giants re-signing him, as it is time for them to search for a new option or let the speedy Travis Beckum show his skill.

    Either way, Boss will not be a Giant. 

Keith Bulluck: Let Go

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    Keith Bulluck
    Keith BulluckOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    The former Titan took a huge leap back in production as a Giant. You can see that the aging Bulluck is not the same player as the one who anchored the Titans D for the past decade.

    The Giants will probably let him walk and draft a linebacker in April. 

    One possible destination for Bulluck is the New York Jets, as they always love to bring in big names and personalities. 

Deon Grant: Keep

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    Deon Grant
    Deon GrantJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    This is a situation where the Giants would love to resign Deon Grant, but he will probably move on to greener pastures. He was extremely effective as a Giant, even though he played behind Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle.

    The former Seahawk is looking to start at safety and sign one more big contract before he retires. These are two things I don't see the Giants and Jerry Reese promising. 

    The Giants should do whatever is possible to retain Grant, but he will probably be sporting different colors.

Barry Cofield: Keep

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    Barry Cofield
    Barry CofieldGrant Halverson/Getty Images

    He is one of three players the Giants must keep at all costs.

    He had a breakout season this year, while being a 'key' contributor in the best pass rush in the NFL. He recorded 54 tackles and four sacks, while sharing downs with Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty. 

    Cofield has been waiting for his big payday for quite some time now, but has yet to receive one.

    This season, Jerry Reese knows that he needs to open up his checkbook for this guy, and he will most likely be a Giant next year.

Steve Smith: Keep

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    Steve Smith
    Steve SmithBob Levey/Getty Images

    As Eli Manning's favorite target (you can make the argument that Nicks is now his favorite, but I'm still going with Smith), I see the Giants heavily pursuing him.

    Steve Smith has been extremely consistent and up until this year he has stayed pretty healthy.

    Many people don't know this, but in 2008 Smith was the Giants' leader in receptions. This is amazing because Eli still had options in Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. 

    Also, Smith owns the New York Giants' single season reception record with 107.

    One problem is that with the emergence of Nicks, Smith may want to test his value on the market, which has many teams interested in him.

    However, I think Smith will stay loyal to the G-Men and will be wearing Blue and Red come September. 

Ahmad Bradshaw: Keep

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    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Ahmad BradshawMatthew Stockman/Getty Images


    Rushed for over 1,200 yards: ✓

    Acquired over 1,500 yards in total offense: ✓

    Still has potential: ✓

    Does not have a huge ego: ✓

    Ran for over 4.5 YPC: ✓

    Scored eight touchdowns: ✓


    Suffers from a serious RB disease called fumbilitis: ✓

    Other then the fact that he coughs the ball up on occasion, Bradshaw is a very consistent and hard-nosed runner, who you usually have to hit a few times to take down.

    He possesses incredible balance and an insane work ethic. Plus, he is a good locker-room guy to have. 

    I don't see why so many people think that Bradshaw should be released from the team. Sure, he did have one costly fumble against the Packers, but he has been one of the few consistent parts in the offense.

    I recall an old New York Giant running back named Tiki Barber, who struggled with fumbles, but hopefully his career doesn't end like his. 

    In the end I see Bradshaw a New York Giant for a few more years and becoming one of the best RBs in Giants history.

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    The Huddle
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