Trust Me On This: NFL Week One

Chase RuttigCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Well Week One ended and there were a lot of storylines and people might be confused on who and what to trust, but I can tell you can trust me and I will tell you what to expect for the coming weeks in the NFL. And yes at the end of the year I will reminisce on my results.

Starr, Favre, Rodgers? Trust me on this, You May be Hearing This a lot in Your Lifetime.

Last night was the end of the Favre era, and the start of the Rodgers era in Green Bay, Wisconsin and guess what, for one fateful Monday night, Rodgers made the cheeseheads forget about number four and cheer for number twelve as Rodgers looked like Brett Favre's twin except younger as he gambled like Chris Moneymaker and it payed off. He even got to do the Lambeau Leap.

I know it is only week one but Rodgers has some things going for him. He was brought up by Brett Favre so he knows how to run the Green Bay offence and he isn't afraid to make mistakes, which is the downfall of many young quarterbacks. If Rodgers keeps it up, and I think he will, we will be mention Aaron Rodgers when we talk about the great Green Bay Packers quarterbacks in the same breath as Bart Starr and Brett Favre.

Trust me on This, the New England Patriots Will not win the AFC East

As you may have heard the future greatest quarterback of all time(not my opinion) is out for the season in the prime of his career. This is coming off a heartbreaking Super Bowl where they had the biggest choke job since the New York Yankees in the ALCS awhile back. There age was exposed and I thought that they were going to have some troubles this year and that the dynasty was over after seeing my New York Giants take that game.

Well I never thought they were going to have problems like this. There best player on their team and their teams leader is now sitting home with Gisele(can't say I feel sorry for him) and leaves his teammates wondering what next?

Well we all know what is going to happen next, Matt Cassel is going to be thrown into the fire amnd teams found out the blueprint last year watching the Giants, and that is to blitz like banshees, and now Matt Cassel, who is starting his first game since high school in case you haven't heard, is going to be giving the reins of the best football team ever assembled. And what ever he does will be criticized and reviewed constantly. Well I know he is going to crumble and I know for a fact Vinny Testerverde or Doug Flutie or anyone of those retired quarterbacks who can't seem to give up the game will be seeing some time this season, the question is who and when?

Well the winners in this case, besides the viewers who want to see some competitive games this year, are the teams in the AFC East, particularly the Jets who get an automatic win this week when they face the Pats. I see the Jets winning the division this year well the Boston sports fans will be counting the days down to spring training a lot earlier this year.

Trust me on this, the Dallas Cowboys Will not Make it to Super Bowl 43

Yes I know they had an impressive showing against the Browns who will be this years New Orleans Saints, suffering heartbreak after a suprise season. But they will not make it out of a strong NFC that is being severely dissed by the media this year who as usual is focusing on the AFC. The Packers, Vikings, Giants, Saints, and even the Eagles and Bears look like they are poised for big things this year and will give America's Team a run for its money.

Plus the Cowboys have to get through that notoriously tough NFC East which features the defending Super Bowl champs(more on them later), the recharged Eagles, and the always enigmatic Redskins. If the Cowboys can possibly get out of this division and have something in the tank for the playoffs, where suprise, they will have to play at least one of those three teams I will east every word in this article. Also Tony Romo is not the quarterback I would like to have leading my team in the playoffs, he doesn't seem like a winner after his last two playoff performances.

Eddie Royal Will Win my now Annual Derek Anderson, What the Hell Fantasy MVP Of The Year Trophy, Trust me on This.

In case you are not the kind of person who enjoys staying up ridiculously late on weeknights to watch meaningless AFC West games, I will fill you in on what happened. Eddie Royal lit up Monday Night Football with a route running clinic on one of the best corners in the game in DeAngelo Hall. This guy was the Broncos second round pick and with the current absence of Brandon Marshall, Royal has his chance to emerge as the Broncos number one receiver. Pick this guy up right now because he is undoubtedly going to become this years Derek Anderson.

The New York Giants Will Punish the Doubters Once Again, Trust Me On This.

In case you have amnesia and don't remember what happened since the first half of Febuarary let me fill you in. The New York Giants owned the New England Patriots, Eli Manning is now one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Michael Strahan retired, Jeremy Shockey was traded, Tiki Barber swallowed his tongue and said what if more than Buffalo Bills fans, Usi was injured, Michael Strahan was asked to come back and declined, the doubters came back, and the Giants preceded to shut them up on Thursday with a strong opening game against the Redskins.

They will be the front runners once again this year because Eli Manning is continuing his playoff pace, Plaxico Burress is earning his new contract and should be more healthy and continue to not practice and still own NFL corners, and Brandon Jacobs will continue to well, be Brandon Jacobs. And the doubters will once again be silenced.

Trust Me On This:

Player of the Week: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers Two Touchdowns, a Lambeau Leap and the Rodgers Era begins with a bang in Green Bay on Monday Night Football's season opener.

Game of the Week: Green Bay vs. Minnesota Vikings, the wait was over and we got to see the start of a new era in Green Bay, man I am having troubles finding new ways to say that.

Fantasy Player of the Week: Michael Turner, 220 yards rushing with two touchdowns.

Oddite of the Week: This week was the first time two rookie quarterbacks won games in Week One since 1971 when Archie Manning and Jim Plunkett did it. This week it was obviously Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, and also congratulations to Matt Ryan for throwing a touchdown on his first NFL pass.

Fantasy Pickup of the Week: Eddie Royal, WR, Denver Broncos, good things look to be happening for this rookie as he got over 100 yards receiving in his debut.