A Recap To an Interesting Week One In The NFL

Michael KinkellaContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

    After losing the leagues MVP and best quarterback in just the first quarter of the first game of the year, many would say that week one was heart breaking.  To some degree, I will have to agree with that.  However the more I think about it, it may not be as bad as many people think.  Matt Cassel is now the starting quarterback in New England.  Cassel has not started a game since high school, if he succeeds and leads New England to the playoffs, which I believe he will, look for him to be starting somewhere else next season.

    There were some positives that came out of week one as well.  Brett Favre looked like, well Brett Favre.  Scrambling away from a missed tackle and heaving up a prayer which could have been ugly, and somehow completing it for yet another touchdown in his storied career.  Aaron Rodgers also looked impressive in his first start in Green Bay, beating a Minnesota team which many had predicted to win the division.  Only time will tell whether or not the Packers made the right move by going with Rodgers over Favre, but after week one, so far so good, or as the Jets would say, "so Favre so good."

    Now for the disappointments.  The Cincinnati Bengals came out flat and looked horrid against the Baltimore Ravens.  Baltimore played a rookie QB, and have a rookie coach, and they moved the ball better than the Bengals who have Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson (Ocho-Cinco). Another disappointment, the Detroit Lions as usual.  Matt Ryan only threw thirteen pass attempts but the Lions made him look like he played in the league for ten seasons.  Michael Turner set a new single game rushing record for Atlanta because the Lions defense forgot how to tackle.  The majority of Turners yards came after first contact....PATHETIC!!!  St. Louis also has to come out as a disappointment, losing 38-3 against the Eagles.  I believe Philly will be good this season, but I'm not sure if they are as good as they looked this past weekend. St. Louis is in for a long season.


Post Week 1 Predictions

NFC East

Dallas 13-3

Philadelphia 10-6

NY Giants 8-8

Washington 6-10

NFC North

Green Bay 10-6

Chicago 9-7

Minnesota 7-9

Detroit 3-13

NFC South

New Orleans 10-6

Tampa Bay 9-7

Carolina 7-9

Atlanta 5-11

NFC West

Seattle 9-7

Arizona 7-9

San Francisco 6-10

St. Louis 3-13

AFC East

New England 11-5

NY Jets 10-6

Buffalo 8-8

Miami 4-12

AFC North

Pittsburgh 12-4

Cleveland 10-6

Baltimore 6-10

Cincinnati 5-11

AFC South

Indianapolis 12-4

Jacksonville 11-5

Tennessee 9-7

Houston 4-12

AFC West

San Diego 12-4

Denver 11-5

Kansas City 7-9

Oakland 5-11



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