Michael Jordan, Master Thespian? The 20 Best 'Bad' Sports Movies of All Time

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Michael Jordan, Master Thespian? The 20 Best 'Bad' Sports Movies of All Time
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Michael Jordan is in the discussion of the best athletes ever, but to a generation of kids, he is also known as the protagonist of the highly intellectual film Space Jam, in which Jordan must save the Looney Tunes from being kidnapped and sent to Moron Mountain.

Sylvester Stallone may be known today as a guy who is loaded on HGH and needs to stop making terrible action movies, but to a generation of kids, he is the iconic figure who defeated Ivan Drago and ended America's Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Both men are extraordinary figures in their own rights, but they are both part of a list that features the 20 best "bad" sports movies of all time.

The criteria for determining a "bad" sports movie is simple. If the movie received a "rotten" rating on rottentomatoes.com, a world-renowned movie-reviewing website that compiles reviews from all over the Internet, then the movie in question is "bad" and deserves to be on this list.

Officially, Rotten Tomatoes' ledger for determining a rotten movie is if fewer than 60 percent of reviewers believe a certain movie is good.



B/R Featured Columnist Sam Westmoreland wrote a great article about the 50 worst sports movies of all time, a fantastic piece which you can read here.

I was writing this article on the day of that article's release, so once I saw his article, I decided to axe this. But since you can't delete half-finished articles, and this was staring me in the face forever, I decided to finish it.

Most quotes and trivia are courtesy of imdb.com.

My movie ratings are based on entertainment value, not actual quality.

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