Mike Greenberg...The Football Announcer?

Danny PenzaSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2008

Mike Greenberg of ESPN wants to be a football announcer. And for the second straight year, he has his shot.

But he's no good at it.

If you have read any of my stuff, you know that I can't stand the guy. And with ESPN rolling out its Monday Night doubleheader, we were all "blessed" to listen to three-headed Mike Monster of Greenberg, Golic, and Ditka.

Not only does Greenberg sound like a 70's disk jockey introducing a Bee Gee's record when he calls a play, he is in the booth with two guys who feel the need to scream every time something exciting happens.

All three of the guys are competing for mic time (no pun intended) and it means two people are talking at once. So as Greenberg says, "Cutler drops back," Golic is screaming some dribble that makes high school radio guys in Texas sound smart.

Is this really the second-best broadcast team that ESPN could come up with?

It sounds more like they are at a poker table than announcing an NFL game. Can "broadcasters" interupt each other more than what happened Monday in Oakland?

It's amazing how people give people like Tony Kornheiser crap for being the kind of guy he is, when he admits he sucks. But when people who call themselves broadcasters like Greenberg and Golic do, and absolutely stink up the joint, people fall in love with them.

Remember people, this isn't the morning drive when you can crack on people and do whatever schtick you want to. This is Monday Night Football. The main event of every week in the NFL.

Even though it's the Broncos and Raiders, two teams that aren't going to blow your brains out, it's still something that has to be taken seriously.

I can't remember how many times Greenberg went to Ditka and went, "What should they do here coach?"

Does Greenberg not know football at all? Or is he too busy being interupted by Golic and Ditka to even say what he wants?

Thankfully, this is only one-time a season. However, when I heard Greenberg doing the Seahawks and 49ers last year, I thought it was going to be a once in a lifetime thing.

I guess I was wrong.

See Greenie and Golic, go back to your morning show. Have fun on The Duel. I'm going to put you on mute.